Experience in Class

Experiencein Class

Educationis, with no doubt, one of the most fundamental journeys that anindividual can take in the contemporary human society. More oftenthan not, the educational journey of an individual involves differentunits and courses. In my case, my taking of English may have been oneof the best decisions that I have ever made. Indeed, I must say thatthis is one of the most exciting classes that I have ever taken.

Quitea number of lessons have been learnt in the class particularly withregard to the appropriate way of passing a message through writtenworks. There are varied ways in which written texts must be arrangedso as to incorporate some element of coherence and flow in thepassing of information. On the same note, I learnt quite a number ofdifferences between the manner in which the English language isspoken and the appropriate way of writing. Of course, I understandthat the differences may have been more in my case given that Englishis not my first language. However, I acknowledge that I have beenusing English for quite a long time and interacted with Englishspeakers on numerous occasions. In fact, some of them are my closefriends. However, I still find mistakes in their spoken English,which I am all too happy to point out. Similarly, the class hasallowed me to interact with a large number of people from differentbackgrounds. These people have imbued in me fundamental lessons notonly pertaining to the course but also other aspects of life. Thesharing and interaction has been eye-opening, with discussionsbetween me and them, either formally or informally, coming in handyin honing my critical thinking capabilities.