First post

I supplicate to agree with the student pertaining to his stand onhomelessness and health. His articulation of points, ideas, facts andtheories plays a vital role in emphasizing the consequences andchallenges encountered by the homeless people. Homelessness, sincethe ancient times to date affects the health of individuals. Millionsof people in various parts of the world are homeless and this greatlyaffects their health in general. I also support the fact that thegovernment is responsible for providing housing to its citizens. Theescalation of the number of people living below the poverty levels isvery overwhelming and thus the government should take the necessaryaction to fight the problem. The most definite and most effectiveaction that the government should do is to provide housing to thehomeless people. Housing allowances should also be increased forthose employed in order for them to afford housing. It is the rightof every individual to have housing, as this will improve the healthof many people all over the world.

Second post

Homelessness is brought about by war, poverty, disasters, pooreconomy and at times medical conditions. I therefore beg to agreewith the student that the problem of homelessness should be addressedpromptly and effectively. As the student quoted, housing is a rightof every individual in every nation. Poor housing and homelessnesshave had great impact on the health of individuals. Various projectshave been established to address homelessness and they havesignificantly and positively affected the lives of many homelessindividuals. These projects ensured better housing for the homelesspeople and in totality, they were a success. These projects should beincorporated in every nation. This will greatly have positive effectto the community and the health care system.