Food Applications




Numerousfood applications are released every day by different corporation.However, one of the most common food application used is Evernotefood application. On the other hand, this application is in version2.0. Its impact on the market has been significant due to the uniquefeatures and advancements that have been created to suit consumers.Among the great features that the application holds, one isoutstandingly helpful. The application can locate numerousrestaurants within a certain region. However, appraisal differsslightly, and one might not acquire a recipe online into the EvernoteFood notebook. Nonetheless, there is still hope that themanufacturing company will probably fix this problem.

Unlikeother applications, Evernote is accessible as a gratis application.Users can either use it directly on their computer or online. Userscan, in addition subscribe to the program’s premium service thatprovides them with extra functionality. Evernote food applicationallows the user to save multimedia notes including website excerptsand entire websites. The application program is well-suited withmultiple portable device operating systems that include the Windows7, iOS, and Android platforms. Evernote, in addition, offers numerousperipheral programs that comprise of Evernote Hello and Skitch. Theseprograms complement and enhance the main program. Lastly, Evernoteassists users to connect and share their notes through socialnetworking websites, like Twitter and Facebook.

However,Evernote application has its drawbacks. Users using the free versionhave to pay 60MB download limit monthly. There is also a subscriptionfee of about $5 monthly or $45 annually to surpass that limit.Following users payment of the subscription fee, users get anincrease in their download to 1GB limit regularly. In addition,shared documents are impossible to edit except when either both usersor one user has a premium account. Consequently, this might limitassociation between the users. Students who are schooling might nothave accessibility to computers and tablets at home.

FoodSpottingapplication is among the most popular use post that shares and findsgreat dishes. It is not centralized on only finding restaurants likeother application. Hence, this has helped individuals to connect withthe use because of the vast assistance it offers to its customers.One can instantaneously tag their food on Instagram by placing thehashtag #foodspotting on their when uploading. In addition, theapplication has assisted millions to share their food and recipesonline. However, this sharing has led to the users educating eachother on the essence of consuming healthier foods and adopting morefit dieting programs. FoodSpotting application can easily be used tofind and locate food spots. Hence, this has assisted users to accesseasily quality restaurants. In addition, FoodSpotting is available inmobile and websites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.Therefore, its users have a better communication platform for sharinginformation compared to other food applications. However,FoodSpotting is accessible to a hand full of nations. The applicationengineers have yet to translate the application into differentlanguages.

Whatis On My Food? Application assists individuals in understanding whatthey`re consuming. The application aid in recognizing the differentsubstances that are in the foods people consume. Through this,individuals gain a better understanding of what is healthier for themto consume and vice verse. The application has mainly assistedindividuals suffering from different diseases like diabetes, andallergies note what is contained in foods that they consume. Hence,this has reduced the number of allergic reactions from the users.Consequently, this application was built to facilitate the publicconversation about pesticides into an arena where users do not haveto be professionals to get involved.

Theapplication in connection to Pesticide Action Network (PAN), believepesticides are a public health crisis that necessitates publicengagement to resolve. The engineers of the applications want viewersto have the information they require to take action on the basis of areliable recognition of the matter. The application has aided thepublic realize and gain a better understanding of the demerits ofpesticides.

What’sin My Food application educates people in the importance of organicfoods. Organic foods are naturally grown with limited pesticides andherbicides compared to genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Theapplication educates users on the importance of consuming healthierfoods. What’s in My Food application assists a user to be familiarwith the hormones, toxins and carcinogens present in the food theypresume to consume. The free application from Pesticide ActionNetwork helps prompt individuals to make safer decisions when theirout shopping and the need to wash food and cook after purchasing it.However, this is due to the various preservatives that are used infoods. The application consists of more than ninety foods in thedatabase and apparently lets users know the chemicals that compriseof these foods.

Theabove applications have educated users on the essence of an improvedfeeding habit. Consequently, this has resulted in a much healthierand educated society in terms of what is healthy or unhealthy forconsumption. The factor that these applications are in the socialmedia, this makes them accessible, and simple for users to shareinformation worldwide. Undoubtedly, these applications have quitsaved millions of lives.