Forming a Relationship


Both John and James are both prospective friends given theirattractive character and highly influential behavior. However, Jamesis a better character to form a relationship with than John withrespect to the factors that will be examined by this paper.Accordingly, individuals check for desirable traits in other people,which they can take pride associating with. When people choosefriends, lots of factors come into play to guarantee the rightchoices.

With respect to proximity, it is vital for friends or people in arelationship to be near to each other. Nearness facilitates ease ofmeeting and maintaining contact. In this respect, James lives in thesame town as I do and this makes him an ideal candidate for arelationship. On the contrary, John resides I a different statefollowing his relocation for job reasons. As far as proximity isconcerned, James takes the wining dice.

On issues of appearance, decency is vital in any relationship,especially in terms of dressing. People who are well groomed makeideal candidates for a relationship. Notably, appearance is asubjective aspect of relationships and it varies with differentpeople. In this case, James has an appealing appearance both indressing (always ironed), combed hair and he also wears a mild colon.John, on the contrary demonstrate extreme disregard for personalhygiene and decent dressing.

Finally, the level of similarity between James and I is relativelyhigh compared to that with John. There is lots of sameness in variousaspect of life including hobbies, education, thinking and view of theworld. James qualifies as the best partner for a relationshipcontrary to John whom we differ in significant magnitudes.


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