Four Posts about Mergers

FourPosts about Mergers

FourPosts about Mergers

Post1: Mergers

Itis very true that mergers have become very common in the resentyears. Banks across Greek have been found to indulge in mergers ascompared to the other industries. Post-merger integration is aprocess of achieving inter-firm coordination, system control andother combining elements that will lead the two companies to work asone (Miller, 2013). Statistics reveal that over the past years therehave been a number of consolidations. For example, in the case ofEurobankand the Greek postal savings bank, this is one of the notable mergersin the resent years in the banking industry in Greek.

Iam in agreement with your example because from its merger the twobanks gained more than they had when they were on their own. Thisshows that mergers are very effective and can be used help anorganization perform better in the market.

Post2:Healthfirstand Neighborhood Health Providers

Withthe growing market and need for service provision organizations havebeen left to work together in order to meet these growing needs. Thishas lead to companies coming together and merging. In the case ofHealthfirstand Neighborhood Health Providers the merger came as a result of anagreement that was aimed at ensuring that health care is offered tothe community in an amicable manner. The merger also offered the twoorganizations an economic gain as coming together gave a widercustomer base (Miller,2013).

Inmy opinion, the merger of medical providers was a better move in thatthe companies will have more gain than loss. For example, theAffordableCare Act works in favor of bigger medical providers as compared tothe smaller units.

Post 3: Comcast/Time Warner

Inorder for a company to become an internationalized company, andexpand, it has to merge with other smaller companies across the globeto make the chain that is needed to hit the market. For example,Comcast, which is the largest cable company in the United States wantto expand further by merging with Time Warmer. This would extend thecoverage of the Cable Television market by a greater percentage andit could serve up to 11 million households.

Ibelieved that mergers and acquisitions is one of the ways through acompany can expand and gain a larger customer base. This is becausethey will be combining the clients from both companies to form asingle market base (Miller,2013).This is the same way Comcast has merged over the years with severalother smaller Cable and TV companies to become a strong player in thecable business.

Post4: Facebook-WhatsApp

Thisone of the greatest mergers of the year 2014 because of the valueattained through the merger. In my opinion it was wise of Facebook tomerge with WhatsApp as it gathered more users to have in its platformas compared to other social media providers such as twitter, Buzzamong others. The company has gained a big number of users undertheir new umbrella of Facebook and WhatsApp.

Throughmerger WhatsApp and Facebook users have now have common navigationand specific room for communication and sharing. This has alsowidened the social media communication for those using Facebook andWhatsapp. It is important to note that mergers work very effectivelyfor companies that need to acquire a bigger market share or base.


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