Generation X



ThisEmployee handbook is above and effectively replaces all formerpolicies and procedures encompassing but not limited to all writtenpolicies or memoranda that may have been outlined on the subjectswritten in this handbook. The policies written in this handbook areguidelines only therefore are subject to change as Company deems appropriate and necessary. This happening will occurform time to time and you will be informed of new or modifiedprocedures, benefits, policies or programs. It is part and parcel ofemployee responsibility to read and understand this book so that bysigning it is hereby acknowledged that all instructions are clear,understood and biding to the employee in all the duration working in.It will be used to settle any disagreements arising inthe workplace between employee and employer also between employee anda fellow employee. It is the duty of the employee to strictly abideby this handbook as much as possible however if there is a problem awritten report to the immediate superior in writing to seek wayforward on such matters.

GenerationX is a Company that aims to serve clients in an efficient mannerconsistent and above normal standards so that service delivered issought again and again. It is necessary the employee to be prompt inthe task allocated working within the timeline given with minimumsupervision. Innovation is greatly encouraged in the area of work asthis is the basis of keeping the Company ahead in this field.Flexibility in time reporting to the office is allowed howeverabsenteeism is not allowed. The dress code is smart and casual allworking days although when doing presentations to prospectiveclients` formal attire is recommended. , is anon-discriminatory employer consequently any discriminatorybehaviour, conversation or attitude is not allowed. Sexual harassmentin any form or way will be strictly punished between employee toemployee or between employee to client. is a Companyhowever we are also a family so everyone is expected to be genuinelyconsiderate and concerned by each other welfare in and out of thework place. This will bond us together so that working together isnot just a job but an experienced desired and looked forward to. Allemployees are expected to be tidy at all times and organized in amanner that if they are doing a project another employee can takeover and complete easily.

GenerationX will pay according to the agreement between individual employee andemployer with raise and bonuses consistent with the federal and statelaws fair remuneration laws (Guerin et al, 2013, p.2). There is amedical cover that is in line with the state and federal laws that isavailable to all employees who are confirmed by the Company. In caseof a fire in the premises all employees are expected to adhere to thestate regulation to avoid injury. The prevailing security measurescan be reviewed at a moment notice. This situation of terrorismtherefore every employee ought to be vigilant and report anyterrorism approach by a fellow employee, client or outsider againstthe country or foreign country to the immediate supervisor for actionto be taken. If an employee is breaking the law while employed by theCompany, is not liable in any way and will not beresponsible of any consequences arising from such occurrence. TheCompany fully owns any innovation done by the employee in theduration of employment.


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