Greek Mythology


Mythicstory telling is getting better with time due to the ability toconvey a message with more clarity. In modern times, the GreekMythology has an impact on culture although in a very different waycompared to the past. The Greeks used drama and theater to convey themessages to an audience. Consequently, there came the novels andcurrently there are the movies (Jennings andLowery14).

Withthe evolution of Movies, mythic storytelling has just been madebetter due to the ability to entertain by conveying a message with amix of quality images, audio, comedy and music. Currently, myths areused for embellishment purposes, this takes the story telling worldto another level. The beasts and the hydras in the myths are enlargedthan the reality for entertainment purposes. This improves the impactof the myth in satisfying people’s tastes as humans are accustomedto think in images. Further, satisfaction is due to the entertainmenteffect of the imagery in the movies. Currently, it is not theexistence of the writers or the images depicted in the myths thatmatter but the imagination (Jennings andLowery14).

Inaddition, irrespective of how small is the truth behind the myths,the truths are human and they tell something that majority of currenthumans want to achieve during their lifetime. That is, irrespectiveof the fact that people’s lives are destined to be difficult, atleast it should be rewarding in the end or even somewhere on the way(Jennings andLowery14).

Moviesenhance the use of visual, imagery and comedy .A good example of theuse of myths in a movie is odysseys as in the movie OBrother, Where Art Thou? Itwas directed by the Coen Brothers in the year 2000. The movieapplies the myth by Homer, known as the Odysseys. The movie usesimagery to show the depression era realism in America which isintertwined with elements of comedy. The plot of the movie revolvesaround the life of the main character Everret Ulysses and hiscompanion Delmar and Pete. It takes place in the state of Mississippi(Jennings andLowery14).

Inaddition, movies enable the mixing of various mediums such as musicand a better illustration of mythical adventure in storytelling. In OBrother, Where Art Thou?. The life of the main character is filled with adventure from the timehe breaks from prison in order to travel back home and save hismarriage. In addition, he needed to save the money he had stashed inhis house and save it from being carried by floods. On his trip home,he meets with other strange characters such as Sirens, the famousAmerican gangster and Cyclops. In all of this, there is a lovely mixof jazz music and bluegrass (Jennings andLowery14).


Themythological heroes connect American books with the stories of Greekmythology.Supermanis more of a modern mythic compared to Batman. Superman is a modernstory of Perseus, while Batman Hercules (Jennings andLowery14).

First,Superman’s birth is royal and he relates to Perseus through origin.The two heroes are from a noble descent: Perseus was the son of Zeusand superman was a Krypton Ian (Jennings andLowery 80).The two heroes descended from a shower on high. Perseus was conceivedfrom a rain of gold where he descended from a shower on high whilesuperman descends from space in a rocket ship (Jennings andLowery14).

Interms of super powers, Superman is endowed with a variety ofsuperpowers ranging from super strength, flight, invulnerability tonon-magical attacks, super-speed, hearing and vision and freezingbreath. In contrast, bat man has no superpowers. He uses advancedtechnology, detective skills and intellect. Further, he uses scienceand technology advanced from his great wealth (Jennings andLowery14).

Interms of quest, superman’s mission appears to be more challengingthan that of Batman. Superman serves as a guardian of the whole worldwhich makes his quest larger due to the many enemies that would likehim dead. This further indicates that without superman, the worldwill be more vulnerable to villains. In addition, Superman alwaysfights alone. In contrast to Batman, his mission is to ensure thesecurity of his home territory – Gotham. This implies that he has alimited responsibility in terms of coverage which further impliesthat he has fewer enemies. In addition, Batman does not fight alonehe has the support of Robin- the boy of wonder who always accompanyhim. He is also accompanied by Cat woman or Huntress (Jennings andLowery14).

Interms of magic objects, in superman there is massive use of magic.Superman himself is prone to be affected by magic. However, supermanhimself appears to be doing magic deeds from his extra super powerssuch as those of ventriloquism: powers that enable superman to throwhis voice to a great distance to confuse his enemies and protect hisidentity and make his enemies believe he is in a different location. Others include hypnotism that enables him to make people to obey hiscommands. In Batman, there is much use of advanced technology amongthe villains. In conclusion, superman has been identifies to possessmore of the qualities of a mythical hero as provided by Ovid comparedto Batman. This makes him more of a mythic guy.

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