Gun Control in America

GunControl in America

Thearticle under consideration is Todd Frankel’s article on theWashingtonPostabout the increase in the number of guns sold after during thetwo-week long unrest in Ferguson.

of the article

Frankelincisively examines the impact of the increase in the sales of gunson the society. According to Frankel, violent crime related to gunownership is likely to also increase. The place of interest forFrankel is a small gun shop in Bridgeton, Missouri. Residents ofFerguson flocked the shop either to buy their first gun or morerounds of ammunition for the car or home protection. In the article,Frankel interprets the increase gun purchase as a reaction toshootings in Ferguson where white police officer is accused ofshooting and killing a black teenager. The long protests and attackscreated fears of personal security hence, prompting people to go forthe guns. Frankel also observed that the general trend was asubsequent increase in the number of people owning guns.

Theeffect of more gun purchases on the state of Missouri, counties, andthe local communities

Theincrease in the number of guns purchased would cause more gun-relatedviolence in Missouri no matter who long it may take. The citizens whopurchased guns in fear of their personal protection during theFerguson protests will end up owning guns without a comprehensivebackground checks. There were also reports that background checkswent flat around the same period. Thus, there are high chances that asignificant number of people who may not qualify to own guns.Furthermore, the state of Missouri repealed a law the required apermit before one could own a gun. Subsequently, the rate of gunrelated murders increased by 14 percent. The problem may occursooner or later. The increase in gun sales in the aftermath of theFerguson protests was a consequence of the relaxed gun laws ofMissouri. For instance, St. Louis, a county in Missouri experiencedthe highest number of gun killings than any other county in the Statein five years. Statistics show that aggravated assaults that involvedguns increased by 10% since 2013. Considering that a repeal of thelaw allowed more people to own guns, the protracted state of fearcreated by violent protests only exacerbates the problem.

Althoughthose who own guns under the Missouri law do so legally, the looselaws make it more likely for the guns to get in the wrong hands. Theoccurrence of suicide risk also increased. Several studies show acorrelation between gun ownership and the risk of suicide. Althoughthe public may fear for their safety, the state should have laws thatmake gun ownership a long process that ensures that adequatebackground checks are done so that only the right people can ownguns.


Opponentsof this view support less background checks for gun ownership. Theyview gun ownership as the only way for a victim to defend themselvesduring an attack. Gun ownership supporters also contend that whenpeople have guns, they have an opportunity to save lives by shootingthe assailant especially they are many having guns against one orfew shooters. However, they should remember that assailants got gunsdue to unrestricting legislation in the first place. Perhaps morestricter measures would have prevented them from accessing or walkingaround with a gun.

Theimpact of the article on one’s personality

Frankelarticle has implications on one’s personality. It makes one feelless patriotic due to the insensitive nature of the society. Thedisillusionment is caused by the fact that people cannot see thatimpact of massive gun ownership on the society. Even those whoclearly know that it is responsible for increased gum murders stillsupport less background checks.