Gun Control




Thesubject of Gun control shares different opinions in social andpolitical circles. Gun control refers to regulation of ownership anduse of guns. A majority of democrats favor gun control while theircounterparts are opposed to gun control as they advocate for gunrights. The nation seems to be split down the middle over the issueof gun control. 52% of Americans believe that guns protect the lifeof Americans and the right should be protected. On the other hand,46% of Americans believe that gun control is crucial in the countryaccording to a study conducted by Pew Research Center surveys(PewResearch Center, 2014).Given the number of cases that have occurred over the recent years,the issue of gun control has been supported and discredited in equalmeasure. Support for gun control is especially evident when there aregun massacre incidences in the country. Such of the most recent casesinclude the newton incident, the Arizona grocery incident wherecongresswoman Gifford was shot in the head and the Aurora mallincident. In this essay, the author will delve into the issue of guncontrol as opposed to gun rights. Proponents of gun laws citereducing the cases of homicide in the country as the main reason whygun control should be implemented.

Guncontrol has been a subject of hot debate in political and socialcircles in the country as the country is split down the middle insupport for and against gun control. The U.S is ranked first in theworld when it comes to homicide cases that have been linked to gunfire. The U.S reported over 142.4 deaths due to homicide for everymillion people in the U.S while England and Japan reported 4.1 and0.5 deaths per million persons in the countries respectively(Cohen,2000).The support for gun control and gun rights has fluctuated over therecent years with the number of gun related incidents deemed to playa significant role in titling people’s opinion. For instance,before the Newton incident gun rights came in second after guncontrol. However, a few days after the incident, gun rights hadsurpassed gun control by seven points. The survey showed that 57% ofAmericans believe guns can come in handy in self-defense while 38% ofthe population insisted that guns can be harmful. In addition, thereseem to be some disparities between the whites and the black in termsof support for gun rights, an increase of 25% of the black populationbelieve that guns can be used for protection after the Newtonincident(PewResearch Center, 2014).

Proponentsof gun control believe that the number of homicide cases in thecountry would drastically reduce if gun control measures wereimplemented. In fact, some democrats in New York have passed a SAFEAct in an effort to reduce the number of violent crimes in the stateof New York. Some of the proposed suggestion included the use ofmicro stamping on shell cases that would allow bullet shells to betraced back to their owners. There were some flaws with theimplementation of micro stamps in that it micro stamping is notviable commercially and secondly, the microcode can be easilymanipulated by swapping some parts of the gun(Owens,2015).Proponents of gun control usually reside in urban areas where gangsand gang related cases are common. There is no control of theownership and guns and school going children usually fall victims tostray bullets. Sometimes gun related incidents are caused by peoplewho have guns and do not use them appropriately. Such was the case ofan eight year old who fractured her skull after sustaining a bulletwound in the head. This was as a result of a stranger shooting at acar which had been double parked outside a car parking lot (Madrak,2015).

Onthe other hand, proponents of gun rights believe that the recentstate of insecurity and gun related incidents call for more gunreinforcement in American homes. Supporters of gun rights believethat owning a gun might help them in cases of gun fire. In addition,most terrorist or gang members would be apprehensive on the thoughtof attacking people armed with guns. Such was the case last Sundaywhen two Islamic gangsters attacked some residents of Garland, Texas.The gunmen were shot on the spot by people who had guns however, afew people sustained injuries after the shuffle(Hawkins, 2015).Proponents of gun right believe that gun members and terrorists suchas the ones who have been terrorizing innocent victims would thinktwice before launching an attack because they might also becomevictims. The recent state of security in the country has been wantingas most situations come down to a one on one situation with theattacker. Only resident who carry guns can be able to at leastprotect themselves and fend off such kind of attacks. Innocentvictims who don’t carry any weapons would unfortunately becomevictims as witnessed in the past.


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