Health Communication



  1. What determines credibility in high and low concern settings?

Publichealth communication is challenging in that there are many settingsthat may hinder good communication about health care to the public.For instance, the information may be overloaded because of all thenewspapers, radio news, television and social media sources. It is acontinuous challenge because the information is being pushed outrigorously, however, some information go to waste because it does notreach the right audience. Knowing the audience and the specificmessage to deliver is important in order to communicate. Theconcerned setting is also important because if there is nothing inthe message for them, then the message will not reach to the rightpeople, after all the communicators will not have accomplished theirobjective.

  1. What are effective ways to inform the public about developing public health issues?

Oneof the most effective ways of informing people about their publichealth is using personal experiences of the people. This will get thepeople’s attention because the kinds of stories used are almostrelated to what people experience every day. Also using billboardsand adverts that make use of colors, people of all sizes and shapesas well as block letters which will be seen by everyone who passes bythe billboards or adverts.

  1. Describe the importance of working with other partners in disseminating public health information and messages.

Forinformation to reach many people, then other means, for instance, themedia through the earned media, web, social media and paid media arethe ones which are mostly used to push information out to the public.Most people do watch the television news but others do not watch thenews thus get their information through the social media. Paid mediais a bit expensive thus it’s done as state wide campaign whichobviously works in making an impact on informing people about thepublic health.

  1. Identify how public health messaging needs to change during different phases of a public health event.

Publichealth messaging and delivering of information needs to be changedduring the different phases of the public health campaign this isdone by giving the task of delivering the message to someone who canbe trusted by the public. Conferences and experts tend to winpeople’s confidence thus people will listen to them because theybelieve they care and they are definitely credible. For informationto be well put out to the public, people need to feel threatened bythe illness as well for them to take action and also get the people’sattention.