Homelessness in America Number

Homelessnessin America


Homelessnessin America

Oneof the issues that have turned out to be an area of concern in theUnited States of America is the issue of homelessness. In a nutshell,a homeless person is regarded as an individual who lacks a fixed,regular, fixed as well as an adequate nighttime residence. However,different agencies in the United States as well as globally definehomelessness, different this in turn affects how various agenciesdetermine eligibility for families and individuals as homelessness.

Causesof Homelessness in the United States

Differentstudies have been conducted to determine the factors that contributeto the homelessness in the United States. Some of the causes arenatural disasters such as fire, hurricanes, floods among others,poverty, mental illness, PhysicalDisabilities,Severedepression, lack of affordable housing, drug and alcohol relatedproblems, domestic violence, and lack of public assistance, amongmany other factors (Mackelprang,Graves &amp Rivara, 2014).

Impactsof Homelessness

Nothaving a home can me a source of problems, affecting numerous otherelements of humanity, individuals, as well as to the community, tothe taxpayer. Effectsof homelessness on are varied and diverse. Some of the impacts ofhomelessness entail health, homeless people are frequently facedwith different health issues, as their health gets worse from time totime. At a personal level, homelessness causes low or lack ofself-esteem, increase in substance abuse, increase in chances to beinvolved in crime (Mackelprang,Graves &amp Rivara, 2014).To the community, homelessness causes, security instability, increasein dependency ratio, as well as increases financial commitment to thesupport of the affected people. To the taxpayer, large volumes oftaxes are deployed in the health and housing sectors, so as tosupport, the homes people in the United States (Quigley, Raphael &ampSmolensky, 2001).

MeasuresTo Curb Homelessness in America

Sincethe turn of the year 2002, the United States government has made theissue of preventing homelessness a priority to improve services tothe people. Some of the measures deployed include provision oftemporary shelters, provision of Public Housing for low incomefamilies and for elderly individuals, has also been used as a measureto curb homelessness. The United States government has embarked onmeasures for curbing the homelessness menace (Quigley, Raphael &ampSmolensky, 2001). Curbing homelessness is not just getting theaffected people out of the streets, but instead, its about findinglasting measures to stop people becoming homeless.


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