Houran Ding,



The People’s Republic of China,


Suffolk University,8 Ashburton Place,Boston, MA02108-2770,

Phone: 617-573-8000.


I completed my high school studies in 2014 and passed with an A+. Dueto my exceptional grades, I decided to go for accounting because thisarea is very promising in the current world. I sent my application toSuffolk University on March 4, 2014.

I have read through the course booklet on the various courses offeredat Suffolk University. The school of Business, Department ofAccounting at Suffolk University prepares students to achieve theirdreams through dedicated staffs, friendly and comfort learningenvironment, and well-equipped library with numerous resources.Moreover, the official website at Suffolk University gives reliableguidelines on how students should apply courses of their interest.This portal is reliable as one can go through the posted courses, andmake choices depending on the requirements and the conditions givento pursue a given course. While looking into some of the coursesoffered on your portal, I came across a course in Accounting. Thiscourse featured under the category of Business. The course interestedme since I have been superb in Mathematics and Commerce. Whileaccounting is not all about maintaining the financial record, it isthe stem of business and business related practices. I lovecalculations in analysis, bookkeeping, presentations of data, andcreating business reports.

Under accounting, I am confident that I will have a chance to learnauditing, planning and utilization of finances, meeting taxobligations, and making financial analyzes for companies and otherorganizations. Since Suffolk offers international accreditedaccounting program, I will be grateful to be accredited with aprofession in accounting.

I feel Accounting is a course that will guide me in fulfilling mydreams. With knowledge in this field, chances are high to find awell-paying job and at the same time be self-employed, and performexceptionally in a personal business. I have little knowledge aboutthis course since I have enrolled three months certificate inbookkeeping. Accounting will also create a sense in developing anethically motivated society as well as bringing the anticipatedchange in the industries. Statistics shows that Suffolk Universityproduces the best graduates in the Accounting therefore, manyemployers prefer employing graduates from this institution whereveran equivalent job vacancy arises. I will be joyful to join theSuffolk’s Chapter of Alumni. It is because I will have a chance ofnetworking with prominent guys who have excelled in this field. Itwill be great motivation since connecting with new guys might createideas on how to look for greener working pastures or solving societalproblems.

I am requesting you to inform you whether I have qualified for aboveindicated course since it will help me to make a proper arrangementbefore the actual admission date.

Yours faithfully,

Houran Ding.


The People’s Republic of China,


Emerson College120Boylston StreetBoston, MA 02116.

Dear Sir/Madam


In my research, I realized that Emerson University is ranked numberfive in the country for its expertise in social media course. Thisranking is a significant triumph for the institution in relation tothe last years ranking of position twelve. This classificationcomprises more than 10,000 Colleges and Universities in the UnitedStates of America for the social media course among many otherundergraduate and postgraduate courses offered in the country’shigher learning institutions. Considering some of these factors, Ifelt that Emerson University is the best place for me. I applied foradmission to a course in social media on March 15. Emerson studentshave vast knowledge on the utilization of social media in differentways. Given that I am a very interactive person, I feel that this isthe best place for me because it may open up channels for becoming anew anchor in the televisions, radio stations, managing socialwebsites or linking people in main functions and celebrations.

During my high school days, I was the elected as the chairman of thejournalist club. In this position, I acquired strong interpersonalskills through being students’ representative at both the regionaland national student’s governments. I participated in designing thelayout of the school magazine in 2010 and achieved achieversrecognition from the principle, staffs, and students. Still, I wentthrough some training in electronic media packages, an area thatprovided me with the ability to pass information through the visualsolutions.

My skills and competent in the social sciences drives me to inquirewhether the University Selection Body considered my name among thosewho shall enroll for the social media course. I would be greatlyimpressed with for joining Emerson University for its accreditationin offering social media course. Still, this is an institution withgreat pride for its achievements and crowns among the profoundinternational institutions. I would jump at the chance to join thisUniversity with open arms.

Kindly revert to me as soon as possible to give me the appropriatetime for preparations for joining your institution. It will be agreat pleasure to secure an admission in your reputable institution.

Yours faithfully,

Houran Ding.