Hypothetical Worlds



Iwould rather live in world A because everyone in it means well nomatter the situation, there is no doubt in your mind when someoneapproach you for whatever reason because you are sure they don’thave ill intentions. No world can be perfect and the imperfect partof world A is that they rarely achieve anything not because they doit intentionally but because they are not smart people. That you canadopt and live with what is already there not expecting any kind ofchange. In world B anything is possible from your best friendbetraying you due to personal interest to the greed that is everpresent. In world B you might spend the rest of your life aloneunlike in world A where you might get life time friends as you helpeach other.

Millwould find world A as the morally better world because, Focusing onthe derivation of the principle of morality, Mill considers moralcorrectness of action, in world A the morals are right and people dothings with good intentions. It is also easy to find a good whocannot betray you for personal reasons. Focusing on evaluation Millbelieves in Collective consequences, whatever the end product isshould be as a result of collective responsibility, no one should bethe one who did nothing. Finally on touchstone of morality Millbelieves in what will produce more happiness (subordinate principleshave exceptions) and in world A everyone has good intentions andeveryone can make a good friend or even neighbor this actions wouldautomatically lead to happiness.

Kantwould find world B as the morally better world because, focusing onevaluation Kant believes that it’s all about individual agent andthis is all that world B is about. Greed has led to everyoneresearching and finding the cure of almost every disease. Kant alsobelieves in respect for one’s own anatomy unlike in world A wherethings are done collectively, world B things are done greedily andfor the money people even sell their best friends for a dime toachieve personal interest.

Theworld that almost matches our real world is B people rarely do thingcollectively. Things are done personal basis and later released tothe public greediness is also available even between siblings.Finding friendly people and people with good intentions is alsodifficult. Everyone is after maintaining themselves and solvingproblems that are too much in the world.