Individualized Prior Learning Assessment Chinese Culture

IndividualizedPrior Learning Assessment: Chinese Culture

Iwas born in Shanghai that has its meaning as the “the city ofwater”. It lies on the huge water River Delta that joins the Chinawater ways with the Pacific Ocean. Shanghai was a place to be,essentially it had its own walled Chinese city but most of theresident decided to reside in the foreign settlements. The populationdistribution was due to western influence that was introduced duringthe colonial error. A lot of natives in shanghai opted to live in theforeign settlements in shanghai. The interaction with foreignersresulted to a mixed culture in shanghai where the city ended up beingopen with the western way of living. As a result shanghai was turnedinto a trading center that attracted many business people from withinand outside the country. Most people would relocated from other partsof china to join the trade that was greatly carried out in shanghai.

Apartfrom business my land was full of other riches. These were in form ofarts architecture and other cultural materials. Due to the higherpopulation in it, the city had a lot of restaurants and most of theinternational clubs where foreign race truck will take place. Youcould think that because shanghai had a lot of riches poverty couldnever exist, that was not the case it highly prevailed to the lowincome earners who would earn their living by providing cheap laborin development of the city. After the communist had held their firstmeeting in 1921 the city was invaded by Japanese who took over theterritory that was in 1930’s and 1940’s who took occupation inchina. This Chinese Communist party was there to govern for quite aperiod of time and their way of governing did not favor the people ofchina especially the older generation. For this reason I grew tobelieve that my young age is the happiest moments of my life andcould learn to enjoy life to its fullest.

SinceI was young my mother used to take us to the opera where our gymteacher taught us various games. At a time during the gym lesson whenthe gym teacher left the room we push the desk form a stage andperform an opera that was my favorite game.

Atmy late teenage I moved to United States but that did not mean Istopped being a Chinese I still endowed the Chinese way of living. Imoved to united state due to the socio economic factors with the mainobjective being economic survival. Chinese culture and practice werestill part of me. Like any other country Chinese had their owncultural and practice that govern their way of living. This helps inguiding the youths and in developing of a decent generation. Thisculture practices includes Taoism, which is a philosophy thatcreated a lot of emphasis between the Chinese people and thesurrounding nature. This philosophy, had a great impact in my youthage since I realized that the nature is as important as I am. Anothercultural practice was much useful in my professional growth wasConfucianism,that had much to do with respect for the elderly in my society. As ayouth in was my responsibility to respect those beyond my level. Thisincludedmy teachers who had a major role in developing my career skills. Theculture also taught us not to concentrate too much on self-desiresand the world desires. This was called Buddhism. Selfishness is theroot cause of filthy acts. It was believed that all actions ofselfishness are have their own consequences. It also emphasis onsharing what I had with others thus promoting unity in the society.

InChinese culture family was regarded as a crucial element in thesociety. Family was greatly recognized as opposed to individuals inthe society. Each family had to follow the religious value thatincludes humility, emotional self-control and many others. Thiscontributed the family achievement of its goals. Achievement offamily objectives was regarded as part of communal achievement. In afamily male are considered to be more important, elder are alwaysregarded as the decision makers while the women in the family are thesubordinate. The same case older children are regarded to be moresuperior that the younger they have authority over their young ones.For example when the parents are not there they will be the one totake care of the little siblings at home. Being the first born, youare expected to be a role model the younger children thus creating aresponsible family.

InChinese family issues remain inside the family and they are notsupposed to be discussed with those who are not members of thefamily. This creates privacy in the family. Chinese son are morevalued than the daughter since they are believed to be the futureinvestors and most likely to be the providers of the family. TheChinese culture, believes and practices has created a great impact inthe development of the china. They instill the sense of handwork thatis demonstrated by the Chinese citizens in developing theirneighboring countries.