Individualized Prior Learning Assessment Office Administration

IndividualizedPrior Learning Assessment: Office Administration

IndividualizedPrior Learning Assessment: Office Administration

Ihave developed college-level knowledge in office administrationthrough my professional experience working as an office assistant atLin Ching Trading Incorporation for a period of two years. The studyof Office Administration involves learning office procedures,different computer technologies, and the essential administrativeskills necessary for success in an office environment such as verbaland written communication, time management, decision making, ethics,and teamwork.

Aneffective office administrator ought to have knowledge and skills indifferent office procedures. The first type of office procedures isbusiness terminology. Business terminologies vary from office tooffice and from employer to employer. In my case, I took time tolearn the relevant terminology used in the office of my employercompany that deals with the importation and wholesale of the generalmerchandise. Although my duties revolved around the office,understanding terminologies used when importing and selling themerchandise in wholesale increased my efficiency as an officeadministrator. As an office administrator, I could not avoidtechnical terms used in the company, especially when maintaining thecompany’s information management system. For example, it has beenimpossible to avoid terms, such as ad valorem, acceptance, agent,goods delivered alongside, bill of landing, bonded warehouse, andclean bill of landing among other terms.

Thecurrent rate of technological advances demand that officeadministrator, in addition to other members of staff, should becompetent in the relevant technology that can enhance efficiency inthe administrative functions. My knowledge and competence intransaction processing allowed me to enhance the accuracy andconsistency of all online transactions. Although I had sometheoretical knowledge of the transaction processing tools by the timeI joined Lin Ching, my position as an assistant office administratorgave me an opportunity acquire the first hand experience with thetransaction processing systems. Computer-based transaction processingsystems ensures that all interdependent parts of a given transactionare completed before the transaction goes through. This ensures thatthe transaction either fails or succeeds as a complete unit. Forexample, when making online reservations for the office bosses,transaction processing system ensured that the transaction is eithercompleted as a unit, but it cannot be partially completed.

Recordsmanagement is among the key skills that that an office administratorshould have. I gained the knowledge of records management at mycollege, by my job as an assistant administrator gave me a valuableopportunity to acquire the experience in managing company records.Some of the roles I played in the management of company recordsinclude identification, classification, prioritization, storage,protection, archiving, preservation, tracking, and destruction ofoutdated and unwanted records. A successful management of companyrecords required me, as an assistant office administrator, tounderstand some of the key terms used in the management of records.Some of these terms include inactive records (records that are notneeded, but kept until the end of retention period) and activerecords (records that are useful for the current operations) amongother terminologies. Although I had acquired some basic knowledge ofoffice procedures for my college education, the on-the-jobexperienced pressured me to add my knowledge by reading journals andonline published articles on the best practices in the field ofoffice administration.

Technologicaladvances have changed the manner in which office administrativefunctions are performed. I acquired the knowledge of several computerapplication programs while still in college, but four of theseprograms had a direct impact on my job as an assistant officeadministrator. First, a word processor is a fundamental computerapplication program that helped me perform nearly all my functions asan office administrator. All offices across the globe create format,edit, and print documents. Some of the common features of wordprocessing that I have been using nearly on daily include filemanagement, font specification, layout management, graphics, andspell check. Secondly, my basic knowledge of the database programsallowed me to create databases and manage the data stored in thosedatabases. For example, I was required to create a database of allmembers of staff and their respective teams. The databases needed tobe updated regularly as members shifted from one team to the other.

Theknowledge of the first two types of computer application programs(including word processing and database creation as well asmanagement), required the support of another set of two significantapplication programs. The knowledge of web browsing applicationhelped me in accessing information from the internet, which is fastercompared to offline libraries. This made it possible to prepareoffice documents and records faster. My knowledge of communicationprograms (such as email) allowed me to interact and share informationwith the coworkers and the management in an efficient way. Forexample, I have been preparing files and reports from my desktop andsend them to the managers via email instead of moving from one officeto the other.

Anadministrative assistance is expected to handle challenging scenariosand multiple details, which can only be achieved with the help of theknowledge of different administrative skills. I acquired theknowledge of some of the basic skills (such as communication, the useof decision making tools, team building, and time management) incollege, but practicing them in real life situations required timeand dedication. I have managed to improve my communication skillswith time, which have allowed me to successfully communicate with awide different people and share information about the officeoperations in a friendly way. Reports and files that I submit to myboss from time to time confirm my superb written communicationskills. As an office administrator, I am expected to manage my timethat that of my boss. To achieve this, circumstances have forced meto adjust and manage time more effectively. I am able to use anelectronic calendar to meetings for my boss and request other peopleto attend. The electronic calendar found in the email program alsoallows me to coordinate responses from people that I invite formeetings.

Cooperationand teamwork are vital skills that any successful officeadministrator should posses. Good interpersonal skills have allowedme to work in different teams and even occupy the position of a teamleader. Interpersonal skills have also enabled me to get along wellwith my coworkers and the boss. When it comes to ethics in myadministrative functions, I give loyalty to my company and respect myboss. In addition, I maintain the confidentiality of the large numberof company documents and information that I handle on a daily basis.My knowledge of several decision making tools (such as decisiontrees, grid analysis, and paired comparison) allows me to makeaccurate and viable decisions within a short time.

Inconclusion, the office of the assistant administrator is quitechallenging and requires one to possess skills in different areas.Both verbal and written communication skills have allowed me tointeract well and share information with my boss and coworkers. Goodtime management skills have enabled me to manage time for my boss aswell as my one time. My superb knowledge and skills in officeprocedures have helped me in carryout my daily activitiesefficiently. With the help of decision making tools, I able to makequick and accurate decisions. Moreover, my knowledge of differentcomputer application programs has increased my efficiency on my dailyactivities.