Inholland University of Applied Sciences

InhollandUniversity of Applied Sciences

April23, 2015

DearSir or Madam,


Iam applying for a program in Tourism Management at the institutionstarting in May 2015. My ambition is to become the best in the fieldof tourism management, and open a tourism consultancy firm in thefuture. Tourism is the world’s largest growing service industry andthereby requires a lot of skills and expertise for one to provideexemplary services. This field of tourism management offers manychallenges and it is an honor when one gets the chance to be part ofthe decision makers that drive this sector forward. It is a careerthat I am very passionate about, and one that I would want to do allmy life. Tourism involves a lot of travelling where one gets tointeract with different cultures of the world and one is able tolearn something new from each culture. Tourism gives one exposure todifferent kinds of climates and one can enjoy nature’s gifts. Bytaking this program, one is able to help other people who are alsopassionate about nature to have memorable experiences. In highschool, I was more involved in the wildlife club that was an eyeopener for me, and one that ignited my passion in the tourism sector.

Thereare several universities offering this program, but I chose InhollandUniversity of Applied Sciences for various reasons. The university,offers quality education and graduates from this university areimmediately absorbed into the market. The system of education inInholland University is for the international market. Anothermotivating factor is that a student at Inholland University gets morethan educational training and graduates as a holistic individual. Theteaching faculty is made of qualified personnel who offer the besttraining in the field that will enable me to get top-notch education.Through interaction with other students both from this university andfrom other universities, I feel that I have made the best decision. My desire is for me to study at this reputable institution and bepart of the graduating class for this program. Another reason thathas influenced my decision is that Inholland University has studentsfrom all over the world. This will expose me to different culture,which is essential in the tourism sector. These factors motivated meto settle for Holland University of Applied Sciences.

Inthe future, I look forward to opening a tourism consultancy firm withthe skills gained from this institution. I would love to come back tomy country and work in the tourism firms, but it would be moreinteresting to do much more bearing in mind the expertise that thisinstitution offers. My passion is to work in the tourism industry ina more engaging capacity and this dream will be fulfilled when I opena tourism consultancy firm. The firm will give quality and uniqueservices to the clients.

Thankyou for considering my application and I look forward to youracceptance.