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BarackObama`s New Immigration Policy To China

TheUS immigration policy has been making headlines for many years posingfor a political debate as policymakers are concerned with emerging USlabor demands and border security. The immigration policies haveeluded Congress for quite a long time shifting its decisions to theexecutive and judicial government systems necessitating debates instate and municipal governments (Gale103).As far as this is concerned, the fate of more than 11 millionimmigrants from various countries in the US still lies in thebalance.

BarackObama’s immigration policies have drawn mixed reactions fromopponents and immigration officials. Despite pledging to address theissue of undocumented immigrants in his first term as the president,Mr. Obama did not prioritized this issue till his second term. He hasformulated a comprehensive immigration reform, and so far, more thantwo million undocumented immigrants have been deported accompanied byarrests of immigrants from borders. Through his executive actionsbetween 2012 and 2014, Mr. Obama has endeavored to grant a relief tomore than 5 million immigrants. But the Congress is hesitating todebate and pass the immigration reforms sooner, although bills tostrengthen border security and enhance immigration of high skilledlabor may be supported immensely.

ObamaActs To Overhaul Immigration

BarackObama confronted the Republican controlled Congress to reverse hisimmigration actions on behalf of immigrants when he mentioned thepowers of the oval office to mould the country’s immigrationpolicies.

Hehas fluently told Americans that deporting millions of immigrants isnot where America is terming it as oppression of strangers yetAmerica knows the heart of a stranger. Through his speeches onimmigration, it is apparent that he is frustrated with the manner ofhandling of immigrants by the Congress and can frame his presidencythrough consequential executive actions. His assertiveness willprotect more than 5 million undocumented immigrants and permit themto work legally despite not granted citizenship.

Hedescribed his action as lawful which has been taken by any presidentin the past. Through his emotional intelligence he dared the Congressto pass a bill and cease questioning his authority over theimmigration system or his wisdom over the situations failed by theCongress.

Hecasts his immigration policies in emotional terms by incorporating alot of rhetorical questions in his speech. For instance, he asksrhetorically is America so hypocritical that workers who harvestsour fruits and spread our beds never gets a right? The forebearsimmigrants crossed the borders and were welcomed so the country is inthis state because they were welcomed (Crensonand Benjamin 123).

Hehas tried to underscore the rift on the issue of undocumentedimmigrants to Hispancis, which are regarded as the powerful and a bigvoting bloc. Through his trip to Las Vegas, where Hispanics are amajority, he tried to convince the Americans that his actions arewithin the law. Meanwhile, the immigration advocates were yearningfor more protection while the Republicans were devising avenues fordefying his actions and exercise their own authority. Upon takingfull control of the house, the Republicans pledged to deal withBarack Obama’s actions accordingly to stop him and express theirdissatisfaction without damaging their reputation with the Latinos(Falcónn.p).In addition, he was accused by the conservatives for abusing hisoffice by grabbing power.

Froman analysis point of his deliberate actions, the focus on thecriminal and foreigners posing security threats will be a thing ofthe past. Highly skilled labor will easily find ways of entering theUS and the border security will be boosted.

Thefocal point of his announcement is a new program for undocumentedimmigrants for parents of the current US children. More than 5million people will be eligible for this program that would postponetheir deportations, permitting them to find jobs and work legally.They will pay taxes as well as receiving social security cards.Interestingly, he ushered the immigrants to come out of the shadows.

Itis misleading to analyze largely Obama’s immigration reforms orcompared with his predecessor. His politics of comprehensiveimmigration reforms are contradicting. Despite G. Bush devised animmigration reforms during his presidency, the Congress was polarizedand he integrated enforcement approaches that have abated under theBarack Obama leadership in some circumstances have heightened inintensity. In Obama’s administration, the immigration advocateshave been frustrated as they seek the comprehensive reforms, but thepresident has held up a predominant immigrant message in periods ofwar and economic hardships when perceptions against immigrants ismalicious.

Accordingto Sharry, 2009, the immigrant advocates have focused on thedisappointment of Obama’s actions but are missing a crucial point.Mr. Obama has highlighted how these reforms would transform thecountry. Therefore, it is imperative to analyze the contradictions ofhis rhetorics, campaign promise and comprehensive reforms, inaddition to how to maintain the status quo in the immigration policy.

Itis important to take caution in coming up with the immigrationpolicies since in 1917 the Congressional power over the immigrationreforms ended up with fifty years of racism, immigration quotas, fearof immigrants and criminalization of immigrants. To end this, theCongress in 1952 passed a legislation that overhauled the wholesystem of immigration, eliminating racist origin restriction. ForBarack Obama’s leadership, involvement with immigration policiesthus far has been restricted to presidential statements andenforcement policy to the Latinos (Falcón n.p). He has alsoinnuntiated the need to change the policy making culture of theUnited States.

However,both Obama and Bush administration has maintained similar politicaland rhetoric administration of immigration. Obama reviewed BUSh’spolicies and made some adjustment, and even expanding previous lawand order strategies. The residents are not concerned with thenational security or any form of border enforcements, they areconcerned with the process since it can turn out to be paranoid,hurting the livelihoods of the residents bordering the country, theresidents and the undocumented immigrants.

Thereforms under the homeland security disguised to address the issueof immigrants have led to abuse of immigrants and asylum seekersderailing the legislative overhaul of immigration. This has led tothe mixture of overreaction and sensible reaction. It is important torecognize the correlation between the national security and theanti-immigrant sentiments and abuses resulting from the correlation.The fear of the immigrants has been a basis for viewing immigrant.The intensification of immigration enforcement by Barack Obama hasled to damage of immigrant communities.

Thesepolicies will see millions of illegal immigrants gaining protectionfrom deportation as Obama bypasses the Congress to unleashunpredictable political and economic labor force. Various immigrantsfrom China are able to get a chance to get work permits and reprievedfrom deportation. The Chinese who have been in US for more than fiveyears and are parents of American citizens or are permanent residentswill benefit from this program. These programs will enable thegovernment to focus its resources on gang members and dangerouscriminals who crossed the border from January 2014 and will bedeported immediately

ChineseImmigrants in the Labor Force

Inthe past, many Chinese immigrants with other immigrants fromdifferent countries have participated largely in the American laborforce than the natives. Since 1999, the labor force has beenincreasing steadily. In 2011, Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple,convinced President Obama that more engineers are needed in America.He emphasized that he would provide any foreign engineering studentwith a visa if he successfully earn a degree in US. At that time,Apple had employed more than 700000 line workers of Chinese originswith 30000 engineers. These are a clear indication of the Chinainvolvement in the manufacturing plants.

Somesee this issuance of visas to Chinese as denying job opportunities tothe natives who aspire to be engineers but according to Steve Jobs,there are no enough American engineers who can satisfy the demand forengineers in the country. The same still applies to the low skilledlabor. Farmers and the native Americans derive their income fromfarms when they are employed in trucking and distribution. Thefarmers need to get the low skilled labor from the immigrants toharvest products and gets this from the immigrants.

Thereason Chinese immigrants move to America is because they see gaps inopportunities in the economy and they have enough skills to fill in.Their goal is to find a market where their skills are valued.

PresidentBarack Obama’s new immigration policy to China is grounded on thelaw and precedent. Through his execution speech, he noted that allimmigrants, including those from china have special contributionsthey make to the nation and it is undesirable to deport more than 11million undocumented immigrants. These policies do not amount toamnesty against china but it is meant to flashed out the felons,criminals and gang members, but not the alleged families working hardto provide for their livelihoods (Nakamura 78).

TheObama’s plans contain some minor benefits to the business of chinasince workers will get some visas issued to the foreign workers. Thenew policy will provide the Chinese entrepreneur with options ofinvesting in America if they pass certain criteria. By issuing workpermits to millions of undocumented illegal workers, the Obama’sactions will affect many businesses in different ways enablingworkers to look for higher paying jobs

Despitethe Republicans rebuking the president for his actions and blaminghim for embracing the monarch’s tactic, various immigrants from allover the world, described the executive action as a much delayedvictory for them. These actions were toughened so that it couldassail through the legislation.

TheChinese farm workers will not be granted with protections since itwill be difficult to justify legal treatment apart from theundocumented workers in other jobs like construction workers. BarackObama’s decision has inadvertently denied the health benefits tothe immigrants underscoring the president’s actions as runningshort of providing full membership the activists have been fightingfor (Daniels 67). Therefore the Chinese immigrants covered by theimmigrant reforms won’t be able to receive benefits such Medicaidand food stamps or other federal programs provided to citizens.theserestrictions on the health care of immigrants may be a great concernto the republic of China since it the white house ruled thatimmigrants won’t get a subsidized insurance cover. Theserestriction show the political sensitiveness emerging from thecontentious issue in health care and immigration and Washingtoncollision. The Chinese immigrants will suffer because the white housedo not want to anger the conservative lawmakers who have beenopposing the provision of the health care to undocumented immigrants and who struggled to forbid the immigrants cover under the affordablecare act.

Someadvocates see president Barack Obama’s policy as a paradox, as away of providing relief to undocumented immigrants so that they cancome out from hiding and be better incorporated into the Americansociety. In addition, the decision to deny health care system isaimed at shutting them from becoming productive members of the unitedstates.

TheChinese immigrants covered in the Mr. Obama’s actions will wait forthe reforms to be carried out on the health systems so that they canbenefit from everything. The children who are American citizens wouldbenefit from the federal aid and other health care benefits, but theyshould be living with their parents who are illegal immigrants.

TheChinese people will also benefit from the a program called DeferredAction for Childhood arrivals (DACA) or dreamers because its upperage limit will be removed. This program enables the illegalimmigrants to the nation as children to stay, offering relief tomillions of people. This program will cover those who immigratedbefore 2010 and the two year relief will be extended to three years.However, the white house lawyers said that Mr. Obama does not havepowers to provide parents covered under DACA to work and stay in thecountry, disappointing some of the immigrants. Concesionally, parentsof the DACA will not be deported.

Inactions likely to be applauded by the Chinese business community,Obama’s administration will transform the immigration rules to paveway for China’s science and technology students to study and livein America (Zong and Batalova n.p). Other new programs will beformulated to attract entrepreneurs to move to US so long as theyshow the willingness of providing sufficient investors.

Thepresident’s administration will also expand job opportunity forimmigrants who possess high technology skills and move enforcementresources to the southern border, re-engineer an immigration programcalled secure communities and enhance the clear guidance for thebodies that are concerned with the enforcement of immigration laws onwho should be prioritized for deportation particularly those with nocriminal history.

Thepresident’s order will enable many people including the Chinesepeople in the shadows to come out to benefit from the temporarystatus as US raised children who have lived for more than 5 years. Asa result, they will be eligible to register with the government, paytax, checked for criminal history and pay legal status fee withoutfearing to be deported. It is more important that, they will be freeto do anything they wish as they could not do before, for instance,opening a bank account, getting medical cover, attending conferencesand driving to work without any fear (Gardner and Aarti 24).

MostChinese have been staying at home with the fear of repatriation. Thisact is damaging and difficult for the immigrants, but most of USdon’t understand. Many immigrants, especially parents with childrenin the united states lived with this fear for quite a long timeknowing that they are living in a period of uncertainty where everypolicy is influenced by the ant-immigrant laws.

Currently,the police have offered different treatment to the immigrants than inthe past. The immigrants with no criminal backgrounds have beenspared for deportation. The new immigration policy has enabled thechildren not to worry about their lives if their parents disappear(Ferrell 68). It has been estimated that every undocumented immigranthas at least one American born child meaning that the Obama’sorders affects millions of children possessing American citizens.

Whenthe Congress passes the legislation necessary to address the problemof the immigration system, Barack Obama’s actions insures themillion immigrant families from daily anxiety and fear of beingrepatriated. The immigration is all concerned with families and Mr.Obama wants to protect those with immigrant parents and children.This is a strong action that I support.

Greenstein’sDiscussions of Presidential Leadership Qualities

Fromhis new immigration policies to China, we can use the Greestein’spresidential leadership qualities to discuss the current president ofthe United States. Mr. Obama is popular and endowed with magnificentspeaking skills. According to Greenstein Mr. Obama scoresexceptionally on other leadership skills except the political skillas he still pursues to get victory in some of his top agenda (Edwardsand Philip 78).He has described the president as a “rare political leader”.Barack Obama is a rare leader characterized by a first rate mind anda first rate temperament. He possesses the best communication traitsmore than Ronald Reagen and JF Kennedy.

BarackObama Leadership Qualities

He possesses good public communication. This is because he provides ahighly substantiated argument for his actions and move to respond ina complex environment just like when he moved to Las Vegas to drum upsupport for the immigration policies in a Hispanic stronghold. Interms of organizational capacity, Barack Obama is surrounded by wiserpersonalities, has maintained unity in his party, delivers strongmessages and depict himself as even handed. His political skills areincomplete since when he plays a role of a conciliator, hisleadership style is unclear and seems not to work in a polarizedworld. From the policy vision perspective, he enunciates his visionwith a set of components that are politically infeasible. He has anexcellent cognitive style which is featured with complex thinkingcapacity and is analytically detached and preoccupied with evidence.He is able to command his emotional intelligence since he is able tocontrol his emotions.


Inconclusion, the President’s actions on the broken immigrationpolicy is aimed at eliminating the fear of living with thepossibility of being deported despite receiving criticism from theRepublicans. The undocumented immigrants who are estimated to be morethan 11 million have different roles to play in the economic andpolitical development of the country. The people who will only bedeported are the gangsters, felons and serious criminals. The labormarket in the US depends mainly on the high-tech skills of theforeigners especially from China. Hence, the Chinese studentsstudying in America will be able to benefit if they are given visasand work permits to work in US (Freeman,Terri and David, 89). His assertiveness on this immigration policy has been widelysupported by some immigration advocates and human rights activistsbecause of his bets leadership qualities such as good communicationtraits, organizational capacity, emotional intelligence, cognitivestyle and visionary.


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