“Youare not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enablethe world to live more amply, with greater vision, with finer spiritof hope and achievement,”-Woodrow Wilson. This might have been themantra of Sultan Sabhi Batterjee, The Chief Executive Officer of theInternational Hospital Construction Company, when he channeled allhis efforts and time to nurture and grow his then young constructioncompany. Located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, it has experienced growthfrom humble beginnings and has notably become one of the most reveredhospital construction companies in the world. With most of itsoperations mainly concentrated around regions within the Middle Eastand North Africa, its vision and mission are geared towards a noblecourse-‘To relieve the suffering and improve the life of mankind.’

Butwhat makes this construction company stand out really is its seamlesstransparent nature of its operations. This has led to its recognitionby Ethisphere Institute as being one of top 144 most ethicalcompanies in the world (Mubasher, 2014). So much has this company wonthe hearts of its clients that it was awarded a $108 million turnkeyconstruction tender for the largest private hospital by HH Mohammedbin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of theUAE. So what drives this company and ensures that it is always abovepar among other construction companies? An in depth analysis on itsmission and vision gives much insight on the unique aspects that thiscompany portrays.


Thecompany has set out an ambitious and coveted goal which is tofacilitate the construction of world-class health facilities thatwould be of service to thousands. The company recognizes that theMiddle East and Africa have over the years borne the brunt of havinginadequately trained personnel as well having few health facilitiesto take care of its populace. This has mostly been blamed onilliteracy as well as the lack of facilities that would aid in thecoping of these challenges that these regions had slowly becomeaccustomed to. The company has taken it upon itself to not only offersound, unique technical solutions to construction processes but toalso engage with the management of the new facility to recruit andacquire quality personnel. This it does through its human resourcemanagement team which aids or provides the much needed push, or ahead start if you may, to hire and train the needed personnel. Theyinclude the new facilities: doctors, paramedical staff consultants,IT and Financial experts who are sourced from regions around theglobe (IHCC, 2014).


Thecompany’s mission is inscribed on every aspects of its practice. Itrevolves around the human being and the everyday avoidable challengesthat he is constantly being faced with. The company is geared onchanneling all its efforts into providing affordable and reliablehealthcare around the globe so as to alleviate these challenges andimprove patient lives. This is why they not only offer buildingsolutions they also apply a humane touch to it. They try to providecomfort all patients including the terminally ill ones. This theyemploy through their innovative designs that they have incorporatedin order to provide luxury into their final project. This they dowith the hope of providing comfort to the ill and ease on theirsuffering.

WhyIHCC Chooses to Remain Ethical

Itis almost unexplainable how this company has painstakingly managed togrow from its humble initiation to its current reputable and reveredstature. One thing is for sure, however, this company keeps ethicalpractices close to its chest. They do this not because of anythingelse but in recognition that no entity could surpass the test of timeif it did not embrace and adhere to ethical practices with which itis mandated. IHCC does choose to be ethical due to the followingreasons.

ToMaintain Constant Growth

IHCCdoes not take it for granted that it has in the last decade grown byleaps and bounds to the force it has become to reckon with in theconstruction industry. It maintains that maintaining strict ethicalpractices can directly be linked to its growth. This they say, is asa direct result of building the confidence among its clientele andbeing able to deliver on their mandate as promised in a contractualagreement.


Theconstruction company, despite enjoying its fair share of successes,has surprisingly remained grounded. There are no controversiesovershadowing its operations and this is largely because they workhard to avoid them. They recognize that controversies would hurttheir business as well as discredit their worthiness and genuineintentions of changing the lives of mankind.

ToAvoid Future Conflicts

Thisis another contributor as to why the company chooses to be ethical.In essence, the company does practice procedures and adhere toprotocol to safeguard its interests as well as for its clientele. Inan interview conducted by Construction Weekly (2012), Batterjeeexplains of how they avoid client-contractor conflict. “We actuallyevaluate the clients beforehand. We do not want to have a client thatgives us trouble with payments, for example.”Batterjee told CW.


TheIHCC owes its success to its noble initiative in which its operationsare founded. The company has already successfully initiated to fullcompletion projects that have had tremendous impact on the populaceof both the Middle East and Africa. It remains steadfast atchampioning for ethical practices and upholding of business bestpractices. This is one contributor that they owe to as being the partand parcel of their success strategies. IHCC surely has a brightfuture ahead in terms of corporate dominance and championing forchange


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