Interpersonal Conflict Class



Iam the&nbsptype&nbspof person that rarely get into trouble ororganizational conflict, but, on some rare occasion, it is clearlyunavoidable. Interpersonal Conflict can be defined as a type ofconflict that may come up because of two or more people who aresupposed to interact are non-compatible or have varying styles,goals, objectives and values. Once I experienced an interpersonalconflict in my career. I deal with the distribution computerequipment for many clients.

Ihad this one client that used to buy computer equipment’s from ourcompany and also from another substandard company. The computerequipment from these two companies were similar, but our company hadbetter quality and original products. My company recently released anew unique equipment to the market. Later on, I found that one of myclients had used the picture of our company latest equipment foradvertising in favor of the competitor company. Although thecompeting company had not yet released a similar model, my clientclaimed that the other company had planned to release a similar modelsoon, and the picture was just being used for advertisement purposesonly (Michael &amp ‎Deborah, 1996).

Thesource of the conflict between me and the clients was based onincompatible goals, scarcity of resources and personal differences. Ibelieve it was wrong for my client to use our company picture productfor advertising a competing company product. I called my client for ameeting and demanded the image to be pulled down on legal and ethicalgrounds. My decision-making to cut all means of communication andbusiness transactions with my client was based on the lack ofcompliance of my client. I would not have managed the conflict anydifferently because my client had clearly violated the law.Additionally, after I made a request to him to pull down the picturein a polite way he did not comply. Lastly, advertising anothercompany’s product using our product pictures can be seen as a meansof destroying the reputation of quality of our products and it isillegal (William, 205).


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