Interview Questions and Answers for Front Desk Agent


InterviewQuestions and Answers for Front Desk Agent

InterviewQuestions and Answers for Front Desk Agent

  1. Humans occasionally forget important things at some point in life. Consider a situation where a customer staying in the Marriott Hotel approaches you at the front desk and requests for a 6.30 am wake-up call, but you forget about the duty. The client is very upset and has sworn to present a complaint to your boss. How will you react to the situation?

  1. Present a heartfelt apology to the customer and accept that you have offended him. When you accept the blame, he or she will feel honored and probably lend you a listening ear. Give the honest reasons that made you to forget. Probably you had scuffles in the hotel or you failed to record the issue in your to do list or the phones could have failed to work. If possible, you can also offer to provide another service to the customer to prove your responsibility level.

  2. Write an apology letter to the customer requesting him not to report the matter to the management. Since the quality control department will decrease the customer’s work quality substantially, emphasize that the customer should allow you a second chance to judge your performance.

  3. Keep quiet and just listen silently to the customer as he rants with the disappointment. Besides, just let his present his grievances to the management, but remain silent until the supervisors request for an explanation regarding the complaint. In some cases, the customers may feel demoralized if they discover that you are not scared of the supervisors.

  1. It is 2.00 am in the morning. A customer has just returned from a night out with his girlfriend. They appear slightly tipsy, and he specifies that he would not like to be disturbed even by the room service. Instead, he will call to book for breakfast or drinks in case he would need any assistance. However, the adjacent guest calls the front-desk requesting you to inform the guest service to keep the noise down. Describe the approach you will use to address the issue.

  1. Assure the complainants you will solve the problem immediately. Then inform the hotel management about the problem. Since the client has specified that he does not want to be disturbed, and has hung the “do not disturb” warning, the case should be addressed by the senior management. Call the manager on duty and inform him about the situation. Since he has been working for the hotel industry for over two decades, you can entrust him to solve the problem in a friendly manner that will offend neither the accused nor the other clients.

  2. Advise the customers complaining to forward a collective complain to the management. Since the customer has already informed you to refrain from causing any form of disturbance, a member of the senior department such as public relations officer can only address the issue.

  3. Finally, bang violently on the client’s door. The knocking should proceed until he opens. Inform him that the other customers have requested that they need silence. However, promise that next time you will inform the boss to invest in soundproof technology that will enable individual clients to accomplish their desires without any forms of limitations.

  1. A vegetarian client had ordered for a special diet that you promised to order from a nearby hotel that prepares the food. However, the delivery is late and the client starts getting upset. He demands for a refund so that he can order the food himself. What would be your reaction the customer?

  1. Explain to the customer that you ordered the meal on time, but the delivery service. Provide an elaborate explanation that the service provided has forwarded as explanation for the lateness. In addition, call the customer support that tracks the food package on behalf of your customer to confirm the estimated wait time. Besides, bargain a discount on behalf of the customer for the patience to wait for the package.

  2. Update the client concerning the progress of the delivery service as many times as possible. As such, he will be patient since he knows that the service is on the way, but it will delay slightly.

  3. Lastly, give let the customer also have the contact details of the external service so that he can communicate directly with the person in charge of the service. Moreover, you may also opt to propose alternative providers for the future services.