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Thispaper contains a review of a video by LawrenceRatcliffe, the architect

Thecentral idea in the video is on app development and cloud computing.According to Lawrence, the cloud computing should focus both on thedeveloper’s side and the clients side. For instance, as it can beperceived from the platform presented below, it is clearthat the developer and provider should focus on innovation that inreturn improves the infrastructure from the client’s side.Therefore, it is clear that innovation is critical as far as theprovision of services in cloud computing is involved.

Salesforceapplication provides the fastest path, especially from the time theidea is conceived to the development of the app. The app contains themetadata configuration as the main foundation for real-timearchitecture. The activities in getting the metadata configurationinclude define the data in terms of custom objects and fields, theaddition of fields, building any table, tracking the automatichistory and enhancing the automatic performance tuning. The metadatacan be made social to provide a collaborative platform for usersusing the application.

Thevideo reveals that building a process within the can uservarious business logics that can be real time, time-base, approvals,data validation rules and the formulas. This means that the user canhave a flat form that supports different configurations based onpreference and business requirements. Also, the users can developtheir workflows using one of the configurations and integrate newobjects into the system, hence the inclusion of the requirements ofthe workflow. Basically, is developer-interactive andprovides a platform for entering and modifying data as per the userneeds.

Accordingto Lawrence, the cloud platform is ideal for customer servicemanagement that provides a set of technologies that not only powerthe products but can allow the users develop their own apps, reviewtheir connections and manage it from any place worldwide. I feel thatthis is crucial in the field of cloud computing as it offers thefoundational elements from where the clients can build on. Lawrencealso explained the platform. offers users withunlimited options to customize their apps. The APIs are into placealongside other tools to enhance unlocking of the back office as wellas integrating and connecting everything.

Fromthe presentation, it is evident that the user base in issimple and intuitive. When compared to other CRMs that I haveinteracted with, the is free of coding or doing closemonitoring of the activities such as product updates. It is,therefore, clear that for any CRM to be beneficial, and then there isa need to be easy to work with even for the novice user.

TheCRM seemed flexible and easy to customize. Lawrence had pointed outthat the Salesforce services could be customized based on the userrequirements. This is an implication that the cloud services can beavailable to virtually all types of businesses. For instance, he hadshown how to monitor dashboards, communicate to other people throughcharts and customizing the apps hence a company can design the appbased on their requirements, change in demand and user preferences.

Therefore,from this video, it can be concluded that the expertise in app designand development is very critical. It is evident that apps haveexploded overwhelmingly over the public consciousness. Therefore, toremain competitive, as portrayed by Lawrence, the apps should provideusers with more options, expanded functionality, and resources.