It feels great to secure a management job when you are fresh from the

university or a college. Whoever, this position can be challenging tofreshmen, not unless one possesses the fundamental tips to make themsuccessful managers. This paper provides concrete information thatcould guide new managers to thrive in this job.

Good Communication

Taking a fresh role a manager may count hectic due to lack of a realtime experience of managing a firm. It is particularly true when youare fresh from college or University. On the other hand, one feelsthe great responsibility of meeting the goals and objectives of thefirm. While this might sound amazing for becoming a boss, theexpectations might work against you when you fail to embrace goodcommunication skills. The ability to communicate effectively with thesubordinate members in an enterprise will enhance good relationshipsince you will be perceived as caring and respectful. Every membershould talk and listen at equal measure (Leadership and Teaming, 12).Communication involves verbal and non-verbal skills. This strategywill promote the existing members into conveying information thatwill help you in running the organization. It means that goodcommunication skill will be essential in carrying out most of thebasic tasks in an office. The subordinate members provide thenecessary information to the managers if they are treated withrespect, friendliness, and professionalism. A difficult task in thefirm will be solved by incorporating communication skills inexpressing your personality, beliefs, attitude and the values, sothat other members can find the uniqueness in your management styleworking tirelessly towards solving the existing problem (ActiveListening, 8). Good communication is thus ameaningful way of enhancing cooperation in an organization.

Embracing Diversity

Cultural identification is powerful in interactions andinterventions. To be a successful manager, it requires recognizingthe cultural differences and diversity of the members of the firm.Culturally competent managers must exercise inclusiveness in theresponsibility taking, policy making, and the uniqueness of everymember in the firm without discriminating them on the basis of theirrace and background.

The manager must clearly define the motives behind his interest indiversity, and outline the specific ways in which diverse communityat the work will benefit the organization. Mostly, the manager mustindicate that the company celebrates the diversity. The manager’ssensitivity must also accommodate customers’ race, gender, and age.

A diverse community encourages teaming. Teaming is the activity ofworking together, to form a flexible ways for organization to carrytasks (Leadership and Teaming, 2). First, diversity absorbs peoplewill different knowledge and skills, that are crucial tools inrunning a company. The manager can accommodate the contribution madefrom every member into a resourceful means of organizing and planningthe working habits of the company. Secondly, diversity encouragescompetitiveness in the production because every member desire thathis or her contribution may be recognized. As such, every member islikely to play his role keenly and professionally. Alternatively,diversity encourages cooperation at work since so members areconsidered more valuable than the next partner (Becomingthe Boss, 4).

Equal support to members will ensure that they work in mission andvision of the firm, hence making a new manager successful.

Good Advocacy

This strategy involves mixing the skills required in the firm withthe necessary resources. It is an organization skill that isconsidered influential in meeting the goals and objectives of anorganization. A new manager should study the working environment todetermine whether the existing resources are adequate to meet theorganization goals. Else, the organization may fail to build anethical infrastructure that will withstand difficult ethicalencounters (BuildingOrganizational Integrity, 5)

A critical part of organizing and planning resources isteam-building. Since every employee has different abilities, teambuilding will allow them to contribute adequately towards achievingcertain goals. The manager will understand his team throughdeveloping a good relationship, being friendly, and exhibiting goodpersonality traits. In this way, the manager will receive complaintsand comments that shall enable him to access the suitability andlegitimacy of the information obtained and transform into a resourceof motivating the workers (WhyShould Anyone Be Led by You? 5). Eventually,the workers are likely to contribute strongly to the development ofthe company

Reasonably Selecting the Priorities

Successful managers understand how to plan towards differentpriorities. Careful planning of resources is instrumental towardsmeeting the company’s goals. The planning scheme should bemeasurable, specific, acceptable and realistic. Good selection ofpriorities will achieve a sales increment of around 30%. Well definedpriorities have the capacity of stretching the employees in towardsputting the best foot forwards in developing the company. Similarly,employees enjoy working where the priorities are timely, an attributethat develops their confidence towards their managers (WhatYou Don`t Know About Making Decisions, 4)Therefore, it means that highly prioritized working ethics will leadto the success of a manager.


It is widely believed that a favorable compensation of workers andgood salaries are pivotal in maintaining understanding personnel withthe employees. However, this does not guarantee a suitable answertowards bringing success to a company. Some of the key areas createsuccess in a company is through recognition of members’achievements, coaching, training, career path and leadership roles.Coaching and training members of a firm is a good stimulant since itclearly indicates how much you care about them. These are the keydrives to bond (Employee Motivation, 3). In addition, a manager willhave potential persons to feel in any new positions if not driving apromotion. These aspects are invaluable towards defining a successfulnew manager.