SmallFilm Producers Form a Group to Counter Piracy.By MICHAEL CIEPLY.

Thisis an article in the New York Times that addresses the issue ofpiracy and theft of intellectual property at the online level. Thisis an interesting reading, which addresses seem to have a number ofinteresting and surprising statements. It is interesting to realizethat the small companies that are coming together to fight onlinetheft of their content do not have any new strategy that they seek toemploy to fight piracy (Cieply, 2015). It is also interesting to notethat the companies such as millennium, bloom and voltage picturesthat are coming together are small companies whose fight for piracyand online theft for their media content looks like a joke. It isclear that the war on piracy needs well-thought out strategy thatwill counter the efforts of the hackers.

Itis surprising to note that the sentiments of one of the managers ofthe small firms, Mr. Gill, believes that the large multimedia firmssuch as Motion Picture Association of America are not affected or donot feel the effects of piracy (Cieply, 2015). It is also surprisingto note that the five small companies that are coming together haveno plans to sue the culprits and therefore one wonders what is theirobjective.

Itis troubling to realize that the pirates and the hackers can actuallyrelease a film or a movie even before the film is released in atheater by the producers. Although the large film companies may notfeel the hit as much, it is abundantly clear that piracy is atroubling issue that needs to be addressed fully. It is troubling torealize that the “The Expendables 3”, was hacked and releasedbefore its due date.


MarketingSmall Businesses with Twitterby CLAIRE CAIN MILLER

Thisarticle mainly focuses on the role that twitter plays in marketingsmall businesses in San Francisco and across the United States. It isinteresting to note that Twitter has become more useful to the smallbusiness people such restaurant owner, liquor sellers, farmers andfruit vendors than it is to large enterprises such as Starbucks andDell (Miller, 2009). It is interesting to realize from the articlethe various testimonies of young small entrepreneurs who boast of howTwitter has been of great help to their businesses (Miller, 2009).The social media platform does not only help business people to selltheir products, but it also helps them get cheaper suppliers.

Themost surprising thing from the article is how cheap it is to useTwitter as a marketing tool as opposed to developing a website.Twitter is also easily accessible to numerous people as opposed toother marketing channels (Miller, 2009). It is also surprising fromthe article to realize how quickly people have embraced the socialmedia platform and made use of it in a business minded way.

Themost troubling thing is the thought of twitter charging the smallbusinesses for business Twitter account. It is evident that Twitteris yet to start making money, but it is clear that this is a plan inthe pipeline (Miller, 2009). This will greatly affect the smallbusinesses and will equally affect their performance. It is alsoclear that this will limit business expansion and hence will be atroubling issue. It is clear that majority of the small businessescannot afford to pay marketing charges that might be proposed bytwitter and therefore may end up going back to word of mouth tomarket their products.


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