Letter to the President


Letterto the President

Letterto the President

DearMr. President,

Myname is Audre Lorde, a ninth grade student from New York and anaspiring poet, writer and probably a future politician. I am goodstudent and excel in my studies. It is for this reason that my fatherpromised my sister and I, our first trip to Washington D.C upon ourgraduation. Yes, Mr. President I just recently graduated from theeighth grade and my sister also graduated but she was in High school.I was very excited to have a road trip with family as it was thefirst time was going out of town with my family for a long time andalso because I was going to visit the nation’s capital for thefirst in my life and on the fourth of July. My sister and I could nothide our joy as preparations for the trip had been made a week evenbefore school was over. My parents also shared in the excitement inthe trip as they had prepared some of our favorite dishes which wesnacked on our way to Washington D.C. Everybody in the family waslooking forward to the trip but three things have that occurredduring the trip have changed the way I look at our life in America.

First,I learnt that my sister Phyllis could have visited Washington D.Csooner had it not been for the nuns who refunded her of her deposit.The deposit was conducted privately to my sister after the nunsexplained to her that her white classmates would be spending at ahotel and because she is a negro she cannot be allowed to share thesame hotel as Daddy explained to her “that they did not rent roomsto the Negroes(Lorde).”This is the reason why my father decided to take it up upon himselfto take our family to Washington D.C not just on any hotel but afancy one because my parents feel we deserve better.

Ihave also realized that my parents are having a hard time in dealingwith racism in America. My parents have devised a new way of dealingwith racism in their everyday life. I have for instance noticed thatmy parents are dealing with the harsh reality of racism in thecountry by ignoring the issue rather than discussing about it. Forexample, “we were told never trust white people, but why they neverexplained, nor the nature of their ill will(Lorde).”I feel confused and wonder what to do since my parents neverentertain any questions on the subject and I am just tired of takingfurther instructions from my parents.

OurFourth of July was almost a perfected day for us except for oneincident that ruined the whole trip for my family. The fourth of Julywas a bright and sun day and the scorching heat made us order someice cream at the street of Washington D.C. Each one of order ourfavorite ice cream but we unfortunately could not be served uponmaking way our way to one of the local restaurants in town. A whitefemale waitress inched close to our table and spelled out racism forus in the most unfortunate way that the news could ever be broken toa black man especially considering that our country was justcelebrating our independence day. We slowly matched out with ourheads down upon the dawn of the reality that we are not living in afree and democratic country.

Mr.President I am sick and tired of the current racism situation in thecountry, I am tired of looking at white waitresses who never serverus our orders but instead remind us of what we cannot get from therestaurants. I am sick of my first memories of Washington D.C, thecity that has “white pavements, white monuments and the ice cream”we never enjoyed after being scorched by the capital’s white heat.Washington D.C made me sick to my stomach and it will always be aconstant reminder of how unfortunate my graduation trip to WashingtonD.C turned out to be(Lorde).Most importantly I am tired of the fact that my parents never talkabout racism in the house. It makes me feel angry that I am anAmerican and cannot enjoy some of the freedoms enshrined on our veryown constitution.

Mr.President we need to address the situation about racism in ourcountry before things become worse. I cannot believe that on thefourth of July when the nation is celebrating its independence, theblack man is lamenting of why he is black instead of being proud tobe an American citizen. I hope that Mr. President that you willlisten to the plight of your people and that you will use anything inyour power to change things for the better. At least Mr. Presidentyou have my support in fighting the battle against racism in ourgreat country of America.




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