Life Assessment Worksheet

LifeAssessment Worksheet

Havinga meaningful life is living up to the personal expectations of ahappy life and positively impacting the life of others towards theirown success. A meaningful life entails succeeding to achieve certainparameters and helping other people to achieve theirs. To determinewhether I am living the meaningful life, it is important to evaluatemy life appropriately using the . Inspiredby the results of the assessment, I realized that the idea of ameaningful life encompasses a number of aspects that determine thequality of life. The results indicate the exact aspects of life thatrelate to my life as well as those of the people I relate to.

Thelife assessment worksheet effectively relates to the idea of creatinga meaningful life. This is because the life assessment worksheetclassifies the elements of life that define a meaningful life intodifferent sections that relate to personal and social achievements.By focusing on health issues, the life assessment worksheet relatesthe importance of good health in my life. Therefore, the lifeassessment worksheet influenced my adjustment of defining ameaningful life by including health, fitness and weight, which hadnot featured in my idea of such a life. In this category, I scored 5,5 and 2 respectively, all out of ten. This low score confirms myexclusion of the category from the idea of a meaningful life. Thesethree are important because I cannot be happy if my physical state isnot fit to live well.

Myidea about a meaningful life seems to have focused on the personalaspects. Unlike the physical aspects where I had a high discrepancyover the results, my score on personal aspects was on point andcoherent with my idea of a meaningful life. The relationship,parenting, family and friendships are always close to heart to me,and define a happy life. At the same time, I adore my profession andbelief a meaningful life should reflect having a successful andsignificant role at work. In these categories, I scored high at thelife assessment worksheet, which confirmed my idea of a meaningfullife.

Dueto my belief that a meaningful life should be the one that impactspositively on other people, I related well with the social categoryon the life assessment worksheet. The results for the category wereinspiring that I had a life that seeks to get involved with otherpeople through people skills and contributions to their life.However, the life assessment worksheet influenced my view that I amnot fully successful as there was a discrepancy between theimportance and the current score. The discrepancy on the spiritualaspect and the preparedness for emergency also indicates the need formy improvement in the three categories.

Myidea of a happy life was captured in the life assessment worksheetthrough the evaluation of my emotional state. The emotional statesignificantly influences the state of happiness that a personachieves in life (Badhwar75).Therefore, the high score on the emotional category relateseffectively with my view that a meaningful life is one that hashappiness. However, I got challenged by the low achievement ofself-esteem and self-actualization, two important elements of life.While the score all these aspects and categories relate to my life, Ifeel that I need to do more to make my life more meaningful. Thisway, I will work to improve on areas that I had a discrepancy in theresults of the life assessment worksheet.


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