Thissemester, we have learnt how to do a research paper, organises thework in paragraphs, as well as how cite it using APA style. Aresearch paper analyses and argues a point. It explores andidentifies technical, scientific, and social issues. In other word, aresearch paper is an essay where the writer presents his or her owninterpretations, arguments, and evaluations. To do a research paper,one should follow the following steps.

  1. Choose a topic

Thewriter should choose a topic of one’s interest and challenge. Theattitude towards the topic highly determines the enthusiasm andeffort the writer puts in the research. Additionally, the writershould centre on the limited aspects. The topic should be manageablewith a wide range of source materials.

  1. Find Information

Sourcesof information include the internet, books, journals, newspapers,among others. While gathering information, it is always wise to notedown this sources for the purpose of bibliographical and referencing.Things to note include the author, title, publisher, place and dateof publication, page numbers, creation and modification of URLs, anddate of access.

  1. State a Thesis

Thethesis is one statement that summarises the whole research paper. Itis commonly written at the end of the first paragraph.

  1. Make a Tentative Outline

Itis always appropriate to make an outline when writing a researchpaper. However, subtopics should relate to the primary topic aboveit. An outline guides and helps the writer organise his or her workeffectively.

  1. Organise Your Notes

Theoutline determines how the essay is organised. The essay should havean introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction states thepurpose and the thesis of the essay. The body present the argumentsthat support the thesis statement. On the other hand, conclusionrestates the thesis and summarizes the arguments discussed in thebody. A topic sentence should be first in every paragraph. The restof the sentences in the paragraph should support and elaborate thetopic sentence. In addition, each paragraph should explain only oneidea. To ensure coherence of the essay, one should use transitionalwords to transit from one paragraph another.

  1. Write First Draft

Beforewriting the final copy, the writer should write a draft copy. Here, awriter can paraphrase, summarise, or even quote directly a point thathe or she plan to use in the essay. It is also wise to mark the spotto recheck later or need edition. The symbol can be deleted afterediting.

  1. Revise Outline and Draft

Atthis stage, the writer should read the essay and correct any error.In addition, the writer can arrange and rearrange paragraphs tocompile with the outline, as well as double check figures and facts.

  1. Write the Final Copy

Thisinvolves writing the final copy. The formal copy should be typed andprinted. One should also proofread it again to ensure there are nomistakes.


AmericaPsychological Association (APA) is commonly used to referencessources with social sciences. An essay that follows APA style shouldbe typed, uses Times New Roman font, twelve pt, double-spaced, and amargin of 1’ on all sides. The essay should include a page header(running head) on every page. Additionally, an essay following APAstyle has four major parts: cover page, abstract, main body, andparagraph.