Earl of Essex in His Trouble



1)Hedepicts how the challenges of love are the same with going to exilewhere in this he gives the example that no one knows the journey inexile just like two love birds do not know their fate they justbelieve in each other and take the next step. Their mistakes will beknown along the way and there is no one who is perfect in a lovestory the two people who love each other just realize each partnersfault as they stay with each other.

2)She uses the advantage of time to numb her mistake and to forge thestep ahead. This is the other aspect where there is only one judge inlife and that is time it relates more to the semester in that thereis only the aspect of time that does support and overcome one flaws.Experience is the best teacher to anyone and thus good for everyonewho tries his hand. The part that none can teach all direct that itall depends on you how to respond and take all in.

3) Thesuffering of any man that there has to be a suffering aspect in lifeand man must make it that he understands the impact and he is readyfor the consequence. The last sentence that a poor man must suffer ifhe does not know the cause and this should always be done to ensuremotivation of the individual so as to come out better than before thecause he decided to stand for. In this we learn that a journey is notonly a step but a continuing process where one becomes stronger afterthe experiences he has gone through.