Male gaze theory

Malegaze theory

Themale gaze is a concept found in the second wave of feminist. Thisconcept that is dominant in many films had been present in theearlier studies. However, it was Mulvey who put it forward later whenhe stated that women were made the object of sexual attraction in thefilms by the fact that the people who controlled the camera wereheterosexual. Male gaze dominates the Hollywood movies and voyeurismdominates the audience and the viewers.

Malegaze happens when the viewers in the position of a heterosexual man.It does this by lingering for a time on the curves of a woman and onthe sexually attractive parts and activities of the women. He put itthat the object of a woman in the film has two roles. The first roleis the erotic object for the characters within the film and thesecond is for the audience watching the film. In Mulvey’s analysisof the male gaze concept, he categorizes the characters in two. Thefirst category is of the character to look at and the second is thatcharacter that is to be looked at. In most cases, it is based onsexual imbalances as the male character dominates as the objects tobe sexually pleased by the other gender. In other words, the malecharacter forms the “gazers” during the female part the “thegazed”.

Vertigofilm is one among the others where the obsessive character that isaffected by the concept of the male gaze is portrayed to a greatextent. Madeleine is a female character that is described as sensualand attractive that creates erotic desire amidst her troubles. Bothin the Raiders of the Lost Ark and vertigo the women character isgiven a strong gaze that their counterparts, the male[ CITATION Ell15 l 2057 ].


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