Marketing Plan for Estimating Software

MarketingPlan for Estimating Software


Marketingis a very strong, demanding factor for the success of any business.Various marketing strategies have to be put in place before venturinginto any time of the business. For instance, it could be you areencountering trouble evaluating employment, productivity before orafter employments begin. On the other hand possibly you`reexperiencing difficulty effortlessly planning work and gear. ProEstsoftware assists clients who experience a shortage of buildingmaterials and hardware, hence becoming uncertain uncertain of whenthe work will be finished, or more regrettable, keep on seeingvanishing net revenues once the full expenses of an occupation areascertained.

Wedo this by giving them convenient, intelligent software services thatthey can access on their cell phones – services that are anything butdifficult to have some association with the current popular societynews. Our group`s software development experience is to makeconvenient diversions rapid. Our marketing test is to pull inperceptibility rapidly and we plan to finish this by utilizing amulti-pronged methodology that includes online networking, emailmarketing and site improvement methods to pick up a piece of theoverall industry. As we pick up footing in the commercial centre,verbal exchange will lift our construction assesses essentially. Theplan will be implemented over a period of 7 months.


Ourmission is to furnish individuals with satisfactory services in theconstruction industry. With a long-standing concentrate on the issuesand difficulties confronting foremen, ProEst concrete estimatingsoftware has cut out a novel position in the constructionadministration software commercial centre. As opposed to directingour assets towards the development of brand business arrangements, wehave centred our consideration on tackling the interesting needs ofconstruction professionals.



Itis difficult to attain to viable correspondence and coordinationamong a few tasks/ groups. It is greatly uncommon for a whole groupto move starting with one task then onto the next. Accordingly,groups never add to a background marked by acting as group overdifferent tasks (McDaniel &amp Gates, 2012). Partitioning yourgroups of generalists is harder than it sounds. Attract the wall thewrong place, and you will make coordination issues that aggravatethings even. Discover the right places to gap and you will see amonstrous increment in satisfaction, and benefit (Bates &amp Basch,2003).

Specialistswill be, (to some degree exhausted and (even under the leastfavourable conditions) very diverting because they need to controlitems development in whatever domain they work in. Strong managementand methods are needed.


  1. Offering learning and encounters among software development specialists

  2. Offering and appointing the accessible assets in a monetary way, rapidly planning exercises and the assets needed by those exercises while mulling over both the asset accessibility and the tasks time to minimize the unmoving hours

  3. Bringing together and imparting a percentage of the estimating software development situations

  4. Bringing together software development philosophies, courses of action, and system when relevant

  5. Bringing together the regular software development services for estimating costs etc.


Thereis the possibility of losing core interest. Everybody is still ageneralist however, the entire development group ought to beadjusted behind a solitary objective (otherwise known as turningpoint) at once. In the event that you attempt to assault variousbattlefronts on the double and you will do everything severely.Incredible organizations are more inclined to kick the bucketheartburn from an excess of chance than starvation from too little. Afew undertakings may oblige certain level of security, order andregulations where some learning can`t be imparted among staff andmore security methodology are required.


Whilenumerous construction estimating software items are intended for asolitary exchange, our software is an adaptable arrangement thatforemen of different types to precisely figure the cost of any sizetask – rapidly and effortlessly (Curtis, 2012). Gotten down tobusiness with an industry-particular materials database thatincorporates prebuilt things and congregations that can undoubtedlybe altered to meet your organization`s special ProEst concreteestimating software necessities. At that point, spare time and expandprecision by exploiting highlights and choices grew particularly foryour exchange. Every software membership incorporates our whole lineof materials databases. This spares you a huge number of dollars whencontrasted with other construction estimating software solution(Bates &amp Basch, 2003).


  1. Essentially venture into the business and office building contracting business sector to enhance overall revenues and expand nearby piece of the pie.

  2. Extend services and diminishing costs by making a lasting painting group, and also including an accountant and a bookkeeper to our staff.

  3. Start to market and offer services in the San Antonio region in planning for opening an office there in Year 4.

  4. Endeavour to offer the finest quality configuration, site arrangement, cost estimates, construction, repair, and modification to customers requiring substantial scale construction services, whether it be office structures, distribution centers, huge flat edifices, open works, and so on. Our software company keeps up the most elevated benchmarks of administration in the business construction industry.

Adescription of the target market

Inmodern construction materials industry, one has to understand thechallenging circumstances that the business is limited, incomes aretrim and rivalry or competition is so strong (McDaniel &amp Gates,2012). To make a success in this industry with our software, we havedecided to be unique and venture into market that not many has been.

TargetMarket 1:

Allworks related to construction such as those that are involved infoundations, concrete stairs, slab on grade, tilt-up work, stone andbrick walls. We target this field so as to offer them tools that willassist them in generating bids with no any fear of failure.

TargetMarket 2:

Thefields of labour, equipment as well as materials that deal with anyform construction. Despite that, concrete estimating software has thetarget market on digital takeoff, estimating, accounting, and projectmanagement, and more. All these include open works, enormous flatstructures, offices organizations, distribution centres and manymore.

TargetMarket 3:

Realestate agencies, construction and consulting firms or organizationsthat deal with related work for construction.

TargetMarket 4:

Individualcontractors as well as supervisors and labourers (Curtis, 2012).

APositioning Strategy

AsProEst concrete estimating software, we have decided to communicatethe imperative benefits of our services to our potential customers.Despite that, the place, the cost as well as the manner in which wesell our services will be conveyed across to our potential clientele(Murgante, 2012). We have understood that if we try to be everythingto everyone, we may not appeal to our potential customers. For thisreason, proEst concrete estimating software deals with a specificdemographic on estimating alone. Others may say we will lose our saleamong other groups such as project management, but with thisstrategy, we have increased our overall market share by getting moreconstruction firms who want to use our estimating service. Anothervery essential positioning strategy for proEst concrete estimatingsoftware is offering high-quality services at an affordable cost. Iagree the cost may not seem to be ‘so affordable’ for many thathave not yet used our services. But concrete estimating softwarecares much about value as well as quality. This does not mean thatour services are offered at a very high price, no, our services arecannot break your budget. For this reason, we have managed to beat orbe on the same level as our competitors in the same industry (Cohn,2004).

Wehave as well integration Capabilities as our positioning strategy.Our software is developed using tools that are based onindustry-standard Microsoft. This comprises of a SQL database and netstructure. Using Integration Capabilities has enabled us not only toeradicate duplicate data but also to deliver immense interoperabilitywith other construction software tools to advance accuracy as well(Belew &amp Elad, 2006). Our integration strategy is very easy tounderstand and comprise of digital takeoffs, which minimizes takeofftime for up to half of the offered price, as well as upkeep andsustenance that has no worries at all. Concrete estimating softwarehas a comprehensive cost estimate which offers tools that areindustry-particular that helps one to come up with not only accuratebids, but modest as well. This can help all the contractors toproduce labour reports, lists of materials as well as proposals thatare expert looking (Belew &amp Elad, 2006).

Outlineof the market mix strategies


ProEstconcrete estimating software offers comprehensive cost estimating,integrated digital takeoffs as well as upkeep and sustenance that iseasy to grasp all these at a very low subscription cost. Ourservices are referred to as ‘ProEst concrete estimating software’.The service is accessible on the net and can easily be used even byforemen as well as contractors. Our service simplifies constructionwork in terms of detailed cost estimate, digital takeoffs and more.The ProEst concrete estimating software subscription is comprised ofour vigorous database that is known as Concrete and Masonry Database.Under this service, you are able to access quite a variety of itemsas well as pre-built assemblies. Moreover, this service offers avariety of tools that are not complicated to use in tracing labourand also hours of equipment. On top of that, Concrete &amp MasonryDatabase has a service of in-built programs for writing reports thatcome up with labour as well as generate professional-like proposals(ProEst, n.d).


ProEstconcrete estimating software has quite a number of cost pricingservice products, which can be integrated with the firm’s ownintramural mechanisms of price. One is able to look at the regionalpricing in the market as well as costs by using just one database.You can be able to go to ridiculous system that you have littleknowledge of how much it costs, then search for the pricing servicesystem and there, you will have all that you are looking for. WithProEst concrete estimating software, you will get more than what youpay for with our pricing services. This is a strategy that most ofour clientele like and it has helped boost ProEst concrete estimatingsoftware to a new dimension (ProEst, n.d).


ProEstconcrete estimating software understands the fact the place whereyour product or service is sold speaks volume about that product orservice’s quality. For this reason, we have ventured intodifferentiation. We have planned to reach multi-segment markets todistribute as well as offer our services. There multi-segments rangefrom online to media advertisements. Our services are distributedwidely on the internet because we understand just how vast internetusers have become. We use data collection, analysis of the same dataas well as implementation to distribute our services. We have a planof venturing into online networking, email marketing and siteimprovement methods. This will see our sales boom in a vast manner(Cohn, 2004).


ProEstconcrete estimating software wants to satisfy the objectives andaddress the potential customers. To do so, we have to make sure thatour promotion strategies will reach as well as address the targetmarket. Many contractors have opted to make their work load easyhence they go online to try and search information that will satisfythem. Our services are vastly seen online so this addresses ourtarget market. Our integration mode is as well reaching quite anumber of targeted clientele. Our integration system has quotation orprocurement as one of its major add-ons. This service allows users tocome up with quote sheets from takeoffs, then email them to sellersand eventually use them in the subcontracts. Despites takeoffs, thereis a comprehensive cost estimates as well that are launched so often.


  • On May 1, create three sales managers positions and a position of a marketing director. The director oversees the whole marketing plan implementation. The implementation team will consist of 6 employees from different departments of the company.

  • By May 15, assigns 3 members of the implementation team to the following areas (1) research on potential and new clients, (2) come up with a customer survey project. The responsible person is the marketing director.

  • By June 1, the two project group should have reported the results. The whole marketing team will analyze the results and review any recommendations.

  • By June 30, design a marketing information system for monitoring clients reorder pattern and client satisfaction.

  • By July 15, implement the changes pertaining the research on the potential and new customers

  • By July 31, make a call contact with new clients interested in ProEst product line. The sales managers are responsible

  • By August 15, wind up with the customer satisfaction survey for the present customers. Moreover, the marketing team to conduct the clients who have raised come concerns. The responsible person is the marketing director.

  • By August 31, implement the customer satisfaction report. The responsible person is the marketing director.

  • By September 30, Analyze all the reports and present the results of ProEst product line and customer satisfaction. The marketing director will be responsible.

  • By December 31,Redesign the objectives of the marketing plan team for the next financial year. The responsible person will be the marketing director.


Withall the above points and marketing plan for ProEst concreteestimating software, it goes without a question that we are good atwhat we do. We value our clientele more than anything else does. Iagree that there is not a perfect system nonetheless, no others cancome close to the inclusive solution offered at ProEst concreteestimating software.


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