Marketing Plan




Thereis hope since Palestinians can use legal and legitimate means tochallenge Israel in the international arena where it is weakest. Theyinclude joining more international agencies such as the SecurityCouncil and file cases of war crime against Israel. Palestine’s canalso encourage other countries to boycott, divest and issue sanctionsagainst Israel (Baylis, 2013). .

First,Egypt’s turmoil was due to a revolution in the Arabic countriesagainst a saturated culture of corruption in countries such as Libyaand Tunisia. For example, on 10th of December 2010 a vendor inTunisia set himself on fire and led to the ousting of President ZineEl Abidine Ben Ali. The coverage of such events by the media led todemonstrations in Egypt that led to the ousting of Hosni Mubarak(Baylis, 2013). .

Second,the turmoil resulted from a history of frustrations by the citizensagainst the dictatorial government and corruption by the governmentofficials that has caused rampant poverty.

MuslimBrotherhood prospects appear grim with no possibility for a come backinto the Egyptian political life. Since 2011, a majority of themembers have been jailed, killed and others exiled. The supportersface rejection in the society. Sisi, the current president, insistedon the groups crack down, emphasizing the need to stamp out all formsof opposition and terrorism. Further, he disregards reconciliationwith anyone who had committed crimes or violence against the Egyptiannationals.

Egyptappears to be following a welfare capitalist economic model. Thereason is to ensure capitalism while improving the individualautonomy and maximizing equality in an effort to reduce endemicpoverty (Baylis, 2013). .

Syriahas adopted similar policy. A welfare capitalism economic model has ahigh chance to succeed due to the impact of enhancing competition,ensuring the predominance of private institutions and provision ofuniversal welfare services (Baylis, 2013).


Baylis,J. (2013).&nbspTheglobalization of world politics: An introduction to internationalrelations&nbsp(2nded.). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Marketing Plan



PartA: Executive Summary

Universecycles shall be a motorcycle Manufacturer. In addition, the companyshall acquire franchises with various worldwide best motor cyclemanufacturers. The Company shall be owned by Rionet majors, KennedyPirelli and Decaprio Montana. The owners shall equally contribute 30%of the required startup capital while the remaining 70% shall beobtained as a bank loan from the Standard and Chartered Bank. Theowners shall serve as directors and will initially be involved in thedaily running of the business before the company expands toaccommodate employees. Rionet has a doctorate in research from theHarvard University and currently, he is the CEO at VAS Consultants.He brings to the company, wide experience in customer and industrialresearch. Kennedy Rodgers is a post graduate in Finance from theUniversity of Nebraska and currently, he is the managing director ofSuzuki motor company. He brings a wealth of knowledge in financialmanagement and planning. Decaprio has masters in strategic planningand international business management from the University ofScotland. He is currently the permanent secretary of the Ministry ofindustry and trade in the United Kingdom. He brings with him valuableknowledge in international business management. He shall assist inacquiring and documentation of the targeted franchises withmotorcycles producers which are Yamaha, Jincheng Suzuki, BMW, Midual,Peugeot, and Mahindra for Universal cycles.

TheMission of Universe cycles shall be “to provide pure mobility.” The main purpose is to be the world’s leading producer of premiumservices and products for mobility. It shall employ a flat twinboxer-two cylinder combustion engine on the motorcycles. In additionto production, the company shall also operate as a franchise ofmotorcycles producers (Calkins,2008).

Thecompany’s motorcycles shall range from one cylinder to basic andtravel use to the R-series four cylinder motorcycles used for racing.The colors shall range from black, white, red, blue, orange, pink,violet and green. Customers shall be granted the option to demand forcustomization depending on the specific color they need on themotorcycle. In addition, the company shall produce bicycles,especially mountain bikes, retro cruisers, sports /touring and racingroad bikes. Further, the company shall also provide accessories forits cycles sold to customers such as helmets, computer speedometers,locks, cargo racks and seats among others. It shall also serve as afranchise to sell parts for its franchise partners (Calkins,2008).

PartB: Targeting Customers

TheR series, four cylinder motorcycles shall be designed for the BlueBlood Estates and young digerati. Their demographic profiles include:young at the age of 25 onwards, mostly male and are ethnically mixed(Lucas, 2011).&nbspTheir psychographic profile includes makingorders from, water skiing and road runs, reading theEconomist and fashion magazines and watching films.

Theirprofessions include medics, engineers and businessmen who havebequeathed riches including million dollar homes and high-endautomobiles from relatives they are also well learned and tech savvyaffluent. They are also among their nations second segment ofwealthiest individuals. In addition, they have a history of speedingand desire for premium qualities such as the turbo, IPod and USBadaptor, Assist safety plan with blue tooth, GPS, roadside assistanceand unlock cycle in case of lock out.

Toafford the R series, the customer should be living in the urban areasand has access to smooth roads. Individuals who need this motorcycleneed to earn at least $ 120,000 in a year. They have to acquire athree-year loan to purchase and spend up to 10% of income to covertransportation costs including fuel- the product shall be designed toconsume heavily especially at lower speeds, the loan and maintenance.The product shall be designed to offer premium services such asstability, safety and speed due to the turbo accessories.

Thegeographic locations have been identified as India, Europe, Americaand Asian Communities.


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