Meaningful Life

There are some connections between a meaningful life and a happy life(Baumeister et al. 505). According to my own evaluation, there are anumber of factors that are used to rationalize the meaningfulness oflife. These are divided into a number of categories that can beindependently evaluated to produce an estimation of satisfaction oflife. At the same time, these categories are further assessed as pertheir importance to my personal life, the current level ofsatisfaction with particular categories, discrepancy and the desiredsatisfaction level. All these are provided for in the Life AssessmentWorksheet that I have dully filled.

Whilethinking about the meaningfulness of life, I take into considerationwhat has been written about the same by experts. According to Metz, ameaningful life can be defined by connecting independent variablesthat seem to be single entities (137). Therefore, using the lifeassessment worksheet, I think about the importance of the elementsthat I deem important and how they affect my life. At the same time,I attempt to level my performance or achievement against each, totell how well or how bad am doing. This helps me to identify mycurrent position in life, value it against the life that I would wishto lead, and finally, know where I am headed. Not all life categoriesare of importance to me, however, this does not mean that I have toperform dismally in them.

Oneof the most important ways in which this Life Assessment Worksheetrelates to the idea of creating a meaningful life is by providingdifferent categories of evaluation which reflect my position at thecurrent time. By providing 8 categories, I am guided in making adecision about how I am supposed to perform in each. The physicalcategory guides me in identifying how well I am taking care of mybody and how I am supposed to improve on areas that I may beunderperforming. The personal category helps me to reflect about myinner self, my relationship to those near me and other persons in thesociety. This is important because in the modern world, people haveto develop strong personalities to survive. The social category is aguidance to developing a life that is meaningful to me and to otherpeople in the world. It is an outer reflection of the personality.

Theprofessional category assessment guides me in my work life, and helpsme to make good decisions about what I am supposed to do with mycareer. At the same time, it helps me evaluate my job performance.The financial assessment is a reflection of my financial disciplineand how secure my future life is. This has a big implication for myfuture well-being and security. The emotional and spiritualassessments in the worksheet are most meaningful to my internalwell-being and health.

Atthe moment, I am confident that I am performing above average on allthe assessment categories. More specifically, I am satisfied with myperformance in personal, professional, emotional and spiritual areas.However, I feel that I must improve more on physical and socialcategories. They are as important as all the others, and performingbadly in them would adversely affect my total average. Indeed, theLife Assessment Worksheet has a positive relationship with the ideaof creating a meaningful life.

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