Middleton`s A Chaste Maid in Cheapside


Middleton`sA Chaste Maid in Cheapside

Middleton`sA Chaste Maid in Cheapside

Thisscene reveals the extent to which Yellowhammer and Maudling arewilling to go gain money. Moll and Touchwood Junior try to escapeacross the river to get married secretly. However, Maudling dragsMoll by hair to the land and Yellowhammer convinces Sir Walter tomarry Moll immediately to prevent her from escaping. Touchwood Junioravenges the loss of his girlfriend by fighting with Sir Walter wherethey both are injured.

Inthe opening dialogue, money and wealth is more important than thehonor and happiness of other people. Women are equated to commoditiesthat can be bought for pleasure. Similarly, sex and social prestigeare bought. Act 4 illustrates how families seek to marry off theirchildren for profit. Molly’s father and brother have agreed totrade Molly for wealth to Sir Walter whom they believe is a source ofwealth to their family. The act advances the theme of neglectedfamily ties where Moll’s father and brother do not care about herfeelings towards her marriage to Sir Walter. They forcefully plan tomarry her off against her wishes. On the other hand, Sir Waltergladly accepts to marry Moll due to the 2000-pound of gold that hewill receive as dowry.

Deceptionand lies are used to acquire wealth and prestige. Sir Walter liesthat he will give Moll’s brother his niece in exchange for Moll.Instead, Sir Walter seeks for a prostitute whom he displays as hisniece. In conclusion, the act illustrates the extend in which peopleare willing to go to achieve money and prestige in the society.


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