Mike Huckabee, presidential candidate for 2016 elections Biography

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MikeHuckabee, presidential candidate for 2016 elections


MikeHuckabee is a Republican politician who was born on August 24 in the1955 in the small town of Hope, Arkansas. Huckabee was the son ofMae and Dorse Wiles, who were conservative Democrats (Takei 1). Hisfather worked as a mechanic in the town of Hope. He studied at Hopehigh school before pursuing higher education at Ouachita BaptistUniversity where he earned a B.A. Degree in 1975 (Vilsack 2). He alsoearned a masters degree in 1980 from Southwestern Baptist TheologicalSeminary. Huckabee married his high school girlfriend named JanetMcCain in the year 1974. Together with Janet, they got threechildren, including David, John Mark, and Sarah.


Huckabeestarted working at the age of 14 years where he was employed by alocal radio station to read weather and news. He demonstrated hisabilities while still in high school where he was elected thevice-president of the student council and served between 1971 and1972 (Grant 136). Huckabee became a staffer working under JamesRobinson, who was a televangelist at the age of 21 years. Beforejoining politics, Huckabee occupied several religious posts. Forexample, he served as a priest at Immanuel Baptist Church that islocated in Pine Bluff between 1980 and 1986 and served at BeechStreet Baptist between 1986 and 1992. While serving as a pastor inthe two churches, Huckabee started a television station hosting apopular program known as “the Positive Alternative” and severaldocumentaries. Huckabee joined politics in 1993 where he contestedfor the seat of the governor of Arkansas but lost. He was firstelected as a governor in 1996 following the resignation of Tucker,and re-elected for a four-year full term in 1998 (Grant 137). He lostthe Republican nomination for the presidential elections in 2008, andsigned a contract with a local television immediately where he workedthe media sector again. He avoided the Republican presidentialnominations in 2008, but he is expected to run for the presidency in2016.


MikeHuckabee is a conservative politician who announced publicly that hisgeneral philosophy would be to reject the addition of new publicprograms with the objective of decreasing federal payroll viaattrition (Olasky 2). Huckabee has been emphasizing that his politicstargets the working class given the fact that he is a son of theworking class parents. Therefore, his political philosophy would seekto reduce the tax burden on the working class and supporting theworking baby boomers are about to retire. In addition, one of hisformer bosses commented that Huckabee’s life has been shaped by theconcept of moral absolute (Parks 2). Huckabee was guided by theprinciple of moral absolute to encourage the white Christians toaccept the Black Americans in the places of worship.


Presidencyis the highest ranked political position in the political system ofthe United States. A political candidate should have adequateexperience in leadership to qualify for this position. In my opinion,Mike Huckabee is one of the best candidates because he hasdemonstrated his leadership abilities in several leadershippositions, including the governorship for 10.5 years. In addition,his general philosophy that there is no need to create new publicprograms is timely. This is because the priority should be to improvethe current public programs (such as Medicaid and other insuranceprograms) in order to ensure that they are utilized to the maximum.Therefore, Huckabee qualifies for the 2016 presidential elections.


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