Module 2 Discussion Questions


Inthe case, Staff Motivation at Sharp HealthCare:

  1. What are the key factors in Sharp’s successful approach to motivation?

Staff motivation is mandatory because it drives the members of staffto make their organization a better place. It is through staffmotivation, that the provision of quality health care at SharpHealthCare will ensue. In the event that Sharp HealthCare does notgive support to its employees, motivation included, they are bound toneglect their patients. The key factors in this approach areconcentration on the purpose, exhibition of quality work, andoffering top notch services. Due to these four factors, there hasbeen an increase in the contentment of patients, and employees. Thesekey factors have instilled loyalty, and improved the overallperformance of Sharp HealthCare (White &amp Griffith, 2010).

  1. Do you see any weaknesses in the Sharp approach?

In addition to the success, there were some weaknesses in the Sharpapproach. First, and foremost, there are those staff members who maybe reluctant to give quality work. This decision may be come acrossdue to various reasons such as little compensation from SharpHealthCare. The weakness depicted here, is that is not a guaranteethat all the key factors in the Sharp HealthCare approach lead to thesuccess of the organization. Moreover, there are those staff memberswho do not focus on the goals at hand, and for this reason, there arelower chances of Sharp HealthCare to succeed. It is impossible forany organization to proper without focusing on the goals to theletter. As a result, those employees who are not goal oriented depictthe weakness in the Sharp approach (White &amp Griffith, 2010).

  1. Can the Sharp approach be replicated in other health care organizations? What are some important barriers and facilitators to using the Sharp approach?

Yes, the Sharp approach can be replicated in other healthorganizations. Using the Sharp approach, there are facilitators, andbarriers. The facilitators comprise the incorporation of the keyfactors in the Sharp approach focus on purpose, exhibition ofquality work, and dissemination of formidable services. Due to thefacilitators, other health care organizations obtain the confidenceof putting the Sharp approach into use.

On the other hand, this approach has a number of barriers inexistence. The presence of these barriers is inevitable during themotivation of staff members, and as a result, it is best to deal withthem as soon as they are observed. First, there are thoseorganizations that offer low rewards, and compensations to theiremployees, and for this reason, they provide low quality services. Insuch a scenario, there is an interference with one of the key factorsof the Sharp approach. As a result, there will be evidence of abarrier in regard to the approach. Moreover, some of the staffmembers have no knowledge concerning the important details of theorganization. For example there is lack of adequate information, andlack of resources among others. Due to this, there is provision oflow quality work, and services which contradicts the Sharp approach.Also, there are some staff members who have no goals or purpose, andthis is contrary to the first key factor of the Sharp approach focuson purpose. Despite the fact that the approach has barriers, it canstill be replicated in other health organizations (White &ampGriffith 2010).


White, K. R., &amp Griffith, J. R. (2010). The well-managedhealthcare organization. Chicago, IL: Health AdministrationPress.