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TheHoly Grail is a symbol of a special dish that is was used by JesusChrist. It symbolizes more power and also acts as a theme to showthat they believed in a supernatural being. It is clear that toreflect on this.The important part of this is to help understand thatthey viewed it in a more supernatural power. King Arthurs pledge tofind the Holy Grail does reflect as one of the most challengingencounter experienced. There is the need to find a particularstrategy as the first plan of seeking the Holy Grail proves futile.This is a clear reflection though the King has all the titles one canpledge it is not easy to get what he wants easily.

Everyplan they have planned to get in the holy castle to get the HolyGrail proves futile and it is thus important they do not relent asthis craving by King Arthur and the promise to reward whoever getsits keeps craving for. This is clearly when answering the questionswhere only one sir is successful and let to cross the bridge. This iscomical and funny as the person who is asking the questions alsofails to answer the question and is thrown in the bridge. It acts assatirical as the person who claims to be well aware has alsoignorance on his part. The crisis, in this case, is that no one knowshow to get the Holy Grail while all want to get it there is no way tounderstand how to get.

Itis a reflection of how one can achieve what he wants but challengesdo occur and the challenges are set to open. There are challenges inthis comedy as it fails to ensure that there is a clear channel. Fromwhere the Sir encounter women this is a symbol of challenges thatoccur when one tries to lead a true life. It is also good if thecompany understands that there is way of avoiding by staying true toone cause. There is also the need to identify the company to keep asthis will definitely affect the principles one keeps. There is theaspect of not understanding that in this the Holy Grail is notsomething one can get for you but something one can only achieveindividually. There is need for understanding and having a clearguideline for everyone.

Thecritic of this is that though King Arthur Why he can’t get the HolyGrail himself why does he have to use others. It fails to capture thepoint where one is struggling and also does not clearly bring out thedish as God-given and something that is immortal. The issue with thisis inconsequential of all others and it is a clear reflection thatonly King Arthur matters than the others in the book. There is alsothe lack of flow of how to get to the castle and the protection ofit.

Thisin mind this has a lot of significances but takes a very deeperaspect for it to materialistic and one to achieve this needs tounderstand more of the spirituality rather than emotionally.