Mount Wachusett Community College

MountWachusett Community College

is a college located inMassachusetts. Mount Wachusett Community college serves the studentsfrom 29 cities and towns situated in North Central Massachusetts. Itoffers a number of degree and certificate programs amounting to 40 innumber. Wachusett also offers training and education for bothindustry and business, basic adult education programs and English forthe students who are not conversant with English. Most of the coursesare offered during the day, evening classes, during the weekends,that is Saturday and Sunday and online classes for students who arefrom other countries and also from the same country. The college hasseveral branches of colleges located in various parts of the country.(MountWachusett Community College Commencement, p. 62)

The college has been nicknamed MWCCI(The Mount) by the students. Thecollege has a good reputation in the entire United States for itsbrilliancy in the education system and the kind of graduates that thecollege produces. Amazingly, the college has always been acclaimedbecause it uses renewable source of energy to run its dailyactivities. To be specific, the college has ‘Solar Photovoltaicpanels that were improved from 5 Kilowatts to 7.24 kilowatts recentlyin the years 2009 on September’. To add on this, the college alsohas a biomass plant that is used for all heating purposes in thecollege and this is achieved by burning waste woodchips. WachusettsCollege also has ‘Two Vestas V82 1.65 MW wind turbines that wereinitially activated in the year 2011’. The wind turbines arecapable of generating 97 percent of the college’s annual demandofelectricity.

The Mount Wachusett college has been a source of great men and womenin the Massachusetts. Great leaders, personalities and respectedpeople in the US passed through the college. This has been achievedby the high level of education offered in the college by prolificlecturers who have vast knowledge of the designated courses that theyteach. Special attention is taken into consideration when selectingthe lecturers. This has made the college to have the best and superblecturers. Most lecturers in the college are less concerned with theincome they earn from the institution but rather they are concernedwith raising the standards of teaching and education in college. Thisdecision and the hard work by the lecturers create competitiveness inthe delivery of quality education in the college has forced theneighboring colleges and universities to raise their mode of deliveryof education to students.

The programs that are offered in the Mount Wachusett CommunityCollege are reasonable, exciting, fast, eminence and expedient. TheBoard of Directors in the Community College are great and goaloriented to ensure the delivery of high level of quality education tothe students by ensuring that they provide all the essential inputs,resources, lecturers, working staff, classes, outdoor facilities,extra-curriculum activities and superb accommodation for thestudents. The Board of Directors provide awesome decisions anddirections that when effected they wholesomely lead to an upswing ofthe quality of education offered in the college.

Mount WachusettCommunity College has been able to receive students from all parts ofthe world. Great leaders and influential citizens from various partsof the world have attended the college and have recommended aspiringstudents to join the college due to the quality of services andeducation offered in the college. The Mount Wachusett CommunityCollege has more than four thousand students.The college is widelyknown for the quality of education it offers. It has received manyawards in the United States emanating from the awesomeness of theeducation and co-curriculum activities that the institution engagesin.

Mount Wachusett community college offers scholarship programs tothose students who are not able to raise the fees. This has beenachieved through the collaboration of various stakeholders,individual and group donors in the country. This program wasinitiated when it was realized that there were thousands of studentswho could not afford to raise the college fees yet they had sharpminds. Many of the students who were and still are being incorporatedinto this program face various challenges. Many of the students whoare given first priority in the program are those with no parentseither due to divorce or due to death of both parents. Such studentsare not able to raise the fees thus automatically incorporated intothe program. On the other hand, some students are not able to raisethe school fees as a result of single parenting, incapability ofparents to raise fees due to joblessness or sickness. The team incharge of the program ensures fairness in the allocation of the fundsthat cater for the students.

The Mount Wachusett community college is such a place that everystudent would wish to join. This is due to the fact that despite thequality of education being offered in the college, the fees that thecollege charges is relatively low. The college charges varying amountof fees depending on the courses being offered. This gives thestudents an easy time when it comes to paying the college fees. Thefees is quite low in regards to the kind of excellent facilities andservices in the college.

The college offers a wide range of excellent services and facilitiesthat ensures that the students are able to learn easily. The collegeoffers free internet connection to all the students, spacious lecturehalls and classes. The college also has sporting facilities includingswimming pools, football playgrounds, basketball pitches, gymnasiums,boxing facilities, indoor sporting facilities among others. Thefollowing facilities are free for all the students and accessible allthe times. Special trainers have been designed in the facilities thusaiding and helping the students in the sporting activities. Inter –faculty competitions and inter college competitions provide avenuesfor the students to compete and the winners are always awarded withgifts and certificates. Actually, a number of students haverepresented the country in various national sporting activities.Thesporting activities strengthens the bond between the students andthis makes the students enjoy every bit of time spent in the college.The college also engages in various cultural events.

The quite, beautiful and cool learning environment neighboring theschool enables the students to easily study. The college has a modernlibrary that is equipped with all the required books in all thecourses. The students are able to access both hard and soft copies ofreference materials from the library. It is fitted with connectedcomputers, properly shelved books, comfortable chairs and tables thatmakes it easy for the students to study. The library is fully staffedwith professional librarians who guide the students in locatingvarious materials of study. The staff members are so friendly andmore than willing to help any kind of student regardless of thecourse and the year of study. The library is spacious enough toaccommodate many students. The library cards issued out by thelibrarians enable the students to borrow books from the library for aspecified period depending on the student.

The Mount Wachusett community college has catering facilities wherethe students are able to buy meals cheaply as compared to therestaurants located outside the college. The college restaurantoffers various kinds of delicious meals. Professionals who provideexcellent services operate the restaurant. It serves both thestudents, workers and the lecturers. This also provides an avenue ofinteraction for all the parties involved. Students are able tointeract with their lecturers while eating. The services offered arefast thus causes no delays to both the students and the lecturers.

Mount Wachusett community college is an institution where everyaspiring student would love to join to pursue any kind of course.Fortunately, an aspect that is very rare in many colleges, thecollege assists the students in getting internship and attachmentprograms in various departments and organizations depending on thecourse being undertaken. Additionally, the Wachusett communitycollege helps the students in employment by sending recommendationletters on behalf of the students to various organizations and thushelping the students in achieving their dreams. Moreover, the collegesponsors the best performing students to the next level of educationincluding Masters and PHD programs in other higher institutions. Thismotivates the students to work extra harder in their studies.

Mount Wachussett Community College is an institution where qualityeducation is given the first priority and where great minds are madefrom. It is an institution where every aspiring student would wish toenroll in for the various courses being offered. It is a college thatis serious and dedicated to deliver the best that it can as far asquality, affordable and accessible education is concerned.


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