Themovie is about the boxing industry where two of the greatest boxingchampions are fighting. One of the fighters is Teddy Foyer and thesecond one is George Bitter man. There has been a lot of Hype for thewar by their different promoters and fans. There is also a rumor thatGeorge is battling an injury and could pull out[ CITATION Tra11 l 1033 ].

Georgehas been on the record quoting how Foyer is a coward and veryreckless who can never win a match. Whereas foyer promises to teachGeorge a lesson in the field and every media outlet is speculatingwhile the gambling is working on how to achieve the best results bybetting all the odds in favor of George.[ CITATION Mer12 l 1033 ]Asthe day approach former boxing heavyweights are criticizing theunbeatable George who they say is arrogant and a coward. A majorityof the media is speculative but from the close look of events you cansee other celebrities favor the underdog.

Thevenue is a bit dark filled with different lights and a close up forthe two is the only way to work fairly. George keeps on repeating heis the greatest to everlive in the boxing industry. In the long runthere has to one winner and as the days approach with caution as aloss here will be disastrous for George and he knows he crowd isgetting it right by giving enough cheers for the fight. Bothparties are surrounded by their loyal supporters as they walk to thering and this brings out a very ready temperature for the war.

Asall this is happening with the crowd the cameras are rolling showingthe different strategies the fighters are good in. Memorable bitsinclude the arrival of the rescue team and the survival of one .Theboxers have all covered their face and leave only the eyesight aswhere they can see what is happening in only one manner. The fightbegins where there is a lot of silence from the spectators. Tensionis written all of their faces and nobody wants to disappoint. Thisthe moment they have all been waiting and everyone hopes that he willnot disappoint his fans[ CITATION Pet131 l 1033 ].

Afterall this the war they had all been waiting for before they retire andeveryone is ready to give its best shot. The fans do not disappointas their cheer on top of their voices. It’s getting messier whenone hits the other creating the jubilant fans with the opportunity tostand on their feet. The bout was said to be the most expensive inthe boxing history and everyone is giving it its undividedattention. There is need to look for the best capture whenit is all said and done with close up doing it cause we can be ableto see the punches clearly and not forget the winner will leave totell a story. Oh well can’t get any better with the cheering andthe music backstage that reflects on finding a champion today. Thistruly is the moment.

Foyeris losing but will he get enough strength to fight back all is itover? While Bitterman tries to stamp his authorityin the boxingring.


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