Movie Production-Shooting Script for V for Vendetta Synopsis

MovieProduction-Shooting Script for V for Vendetta


Asthe movie fades in we hear a voice in the darkness, the voice isapparently a woman’s voice. Her name is Evey. Evey reiterates thatfifth of November should be remembered. Her main concern in thebeginning is the events that will culminate the day, the gunpowdertreason and plot. From her speaking, the voice seems to be strongthough toned with calmness and some sort of peace that can be felt. There is a lantern that is found in the darkness. There appears, GuyFawkes, a man who seems to be dangerous struggling with wheelbarrowthat has barrels stacked with gunpowder.

Theguy sees the lantern appearing from both ends and then tries to runbut is caught up by the dogs. In protecting himself, he removes hissword but he is pinned on the wall of the tunnel. In this dim lightbefore dawn, the guy is taken to the gallows. The guy has the coarserope snugged up his throat. He then looks into the crowd and sees aface, a woman face that stares up at him.

Lightingand Shadows

Inthe beginning, as Guy Fawkes appears there is some lantern thatappears from both sides. At this point, there is use of light andshadows in the film. The shadow that appears at this juncturecreates a feeling of 3D film making (Katz 4). The shadows define thetime and in essence one knows that the shooting has been done atnight. The lighting at the beginning used is Cameo lighting as theforeground where Evey and Fawkes are is illuminated while backgroundhas is not lit. The color used in the film also creates a horroratmosphere.

Shotsand Framing

Theproduction employs both medium and long short. Medium shorts aremainly used when casting Guy Fawkes in the conversation between theduo. Additionally, more of the scenes are covered using the mediumshots, though some of the shots include the close up especially whencasting Guy Fawkes (Mendiburu 52). The shooting is done at low anglewhen casting Guy Fawkes and this makes him appear as a threatening orpowerful character in this film. However, when casting the authority,that is, Conrad and Leader eye level camera is used and this gives aconfrontational kind of situation between these individuals who arecast. Overhead shots are also used when covering the scene where Eveyis locked in the prison. Additionally, when the crowd matches in thestreets to witness the blowing of the parliament, overhead shots areapplied.

Theshots framing used medium shot and medium closed up two shots. Fromthe shots both the camera and the characters have a point of view(Katz 23). From the shots, one alludes that the shots made especiallyon Guy Fawkes that he is extremely dangerous guy. This is supportedby the shots made when he is captured in CCTV cameras. While facingthe CCTV cameras, the shooting is taken at angle of intensification.

Interms of production vectors, the film uses both the vertical andconverging vectors in its production. In terms of graphic balance,it is clear that the film in its production uses dynamic balance(Mendiburu 7). Looking at the graphic elements, they aresymmetrically distributed and the graphic weights are really exact inboth sides of the frame. This can be because the study involves anumber of actions.


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