My Soteriology Statement concerning the Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Scandal

MySoteriology Statement concerning the Atlanta Public Schools CheatingScandal

Fromthe Cox Media Group, various articles touch on the cheating scandalsat Atlanta Public Schools. Most of the defendants of these scandalshave been convicted while others are yet to be sentenced. The twelveformer educationalists have been on trial, since the scandal brokeloose. Among them, eleven were found to have a case to answer onfourteenth, April 2015. They were formerly released through a courtof appeal. To them, this was nothing less than an answered prayerfrom the almighty himself.

Theformer educators are heard to have said that they believed that theirprayers were going to be answered and they were going to bevindicated. After being released, there have been cases that wantthese former educators to be resentenced. The Bible states clearlythat once one is forgiven his or her sins, then he is free indeed. Idon’t think there is a reason as to why these former teachersshould be resentenced after being released. The Bible talks aboutsalvation being for once and for all. When one’s sins are pardoned,they are as well forgotten and there is no way they can be judgedtwice because of what they did in the past. This can only happenunless the culprits, after asking for forgiveness, goes ahead andrepeat the same mistake without any remorse. In Biblical context, oneis forgiven if he or she repents genuinely and turns to Jesus Christin faith. TheAtlanta Public Schools Cheating Scandal victims repented and askedfor forgiveness. The book of Ephesians 2:7 and 8 states thatsalvation and redemption is gotten through the blood of Jesus Christ.It says, “In Him we have redemption through His blood, theforgiveness of sins, according to riches of His glory which He madeto abound toward us all in Wisdom and prudence.” Soteriology is anexercise that all Christians are meant to practice because all of uswere sinners, but by the blood of Jesus Christ, we were made pure,through believing. For this reason, the Atlanta Public SchoolsCheating Scandal victims are not supposed to be sent back to jail oreven on trial after they have already repented.

Allhave sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. This is what thebible says concerning God’s mercy on us. The Atlanta Public SchoolsCheating victims are no exception to this. The court and the publicat large ought to be merciful towards these former teachers andvindicate them of all the cheating charges allied against them. Mostof these former teachers still maintain that they are innocent. Sinceit seems as if the court does not believe them, they have resolvedinto believing in prayers and it seems to be working. One of theformer teachers who were accused is Cotman. She says that she hasbeen spending most of her time in prayers and has as well asked otherpeople to pray for her. By believing that she can be vindicated bypraying, Cotman is demonstrating the spirit of remorse and faith inGod who answers prayers. She has been removed from her job, which shesays she loved. She would have been forgiven and shown mercy just asChrist showed us His mercy. Titus 3:5 and 6 says that Jesus saved us,not due to our righteous deeds, but because of His mercy. For thisreason, I think the Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Scandal teachersshould be forgiven and shown mercy.


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