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Basingits origin from the 15thcentury, prince Vlad ruled over his kingdom in style. They livedhappily with his beloved wife Mirena and son, Ingeras(Touankam1). One day when celebrating their Easter,Ottoman sultan Mehmed gavethem an unexpected visit demanding for the release of 1000 boys fromthe Wallachia kingdom, including his son. Due to his love for thepeople, he disagrees and he readily sacrificed himself instead of theboys. The prince sought vengeance and wanted to prepare for the war.He acquires power at the Broken Tooth Mountain. He is promptlyinstructed by the vampire who turns him. He is given three days ofimmortality and will return to his normal state if he resists the‘thirst’ for human blood. Prince Vlad is seen to finish the Turkswith one blow (Touankam3). Their leader becomes curios and wants to find out more about thestrengths of the prince.

Asthe days go by, the Turks decrease in number. Though trying to savehis nation, some of his people do not realize his sacrifice. Themovie comes to climax on the third day. The princes loose his wifeand son on that day. Morena falls from a cliff before his rescue.Through love, his wife tells him to feed on his blood so as to finishthe Turks. Though late, the prince had to avenge , so he came upwith an army of vampire who killed all the Turks. Through theseunrolling events, he gets back his son and later he opens the heavensleading to death of all vampires. His son rules and establishes hisstatue for commemoration.


Ulyssessays,” personal merit, not ancestry, should determine the victor.”(Book 11, 133).Vengeance is portrayed in both the movie and themetamorphoses the individuals have to do anything so that theyfinish their missions. Ulysses and prince Vlad are individuals ofsame character. Ajax brags of his battlefield exploits and tellsUlysses that he is of less importance. Ulysses is an individual ofgreat personality and will to fight (Anderson 43). This event whenincorporated in the movie Dracula, for example, the prince seeks aweapon of vengeance and once he has acquired it, he destroys all hisenemies he comes up with strength of one hundred men(Touankam6).

Basingon the theme, reward and punishment culturally, people are rewardedaccording to the good deeds. This is a great virtue we are rewardedaccording to the hard work and fruits that we have borne. And also,the unjust in the society are supposed to be punished appropriately.Philemon, Baucis, Erysichton and Prince Vlad played one role (Book13, 656). Baucis and Philemon are rewarded for their piety andErysichton is greatly punished (Anderson, 23). Prince Vlad receivesboth reward and punishment. He is rewarded great powers due to hissacrifices to the people and later on he is punished because hefailed to follow the rules he was given.

Ovidviews mortality not to be in flux. The immortals are portrayed tohave much power than humans. They are tools that we humans use todestroy our enemies. Prince Vlad has desperation for power and wantsto destroy all his enemies within 3 days. He gives a promise to hisdying wife of clearing the Turks. He destroys himself later afterclearing his enemies. This relates to Ovid metamorphoses whereby heuses them for victory, “I have finished a work that Jupiter’swrath or fire or sword or the corruption of time cannot destroy”(Book 15, 871).

Weare to be satisfied of our true self this is a great virtue that weshould have so that we carry on with our lives. Being so, we discoverseveral mysteries within ourselves. In book 11, Midas is gifted (BookXI, 115). He regrets of the wish because everything he lays hands onturns to gold. Prince Vlad shows regret of his wish too, he has toresist the thirst of blood when one of his servants tempts him.

Ovidin most of his book chapter he uses the power of art he suggeststhat, “only art enables people to transcend suffering” (Anderson45). The virtue to create art is praised in our current society itis through this that humans express themselves. The movie Draculauntold bases its theme mostly on one character, Prince Vlad, he hasarmor with the drawing of the mighty dragon and when he wears it, heclaims himself as the” prince of darkness”, that is, the Dracula(Touankam6). People are turned into stones and springs. Caenis finds herselfin great trouble whereby she is raped and through a wish, he istransformed into a man. (Book 11, 714)

Inboth the book and the movie the heroines and heroes are highly talkedof. This is seen in their virtue of sacrifice to their people. Theirheroes had supernatural powers which were highly exaggerated. Theyhad to undergo ordeals to come up with a solution for the people.Dracula tells his son to write about him and erect his statue so thathe can be remembered.

PrinceVlan and Pygmallion have been betrothed to beautiful wives whom theyhighly value. The prince has love for both his family and his peopleit is evident when he defends his people throughout the war. Though,Pygmallion is so different in that he polishes an ivory statue, lovesit and prays so that it becomes alive (Book10, 257).

Insummary, this article bases its theme on the cultural world. Itbrings out into light the morals and virtues that we hold, actually,it is based on heroes and heroines, they are the people in thesociety who defended us through thus brought forth the nation. Weshould base our actions for the aim of not hurting others and tobring benefit. This is a virtue that needs to be upheld by everyperson.


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