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Re:APPLICATION FOR……(Insertthe name of the course)………

Myname is …… (Yourname)……….,aged… (Insertyears)….from…..(Insertyour country/location).I hereby apply for the course in the above reference in your collegefollowing your advertisement. To complete my application in yourcollege, I am required to meet the specified medical requirements andexplain any health condition. I hereby disclose that I am diagnosedwith Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and I am ready and willing tocontinue with my studies despite the condition. I was diagnosed withADD when I was fifteen years old and I have successfully managed thecondition since then up to date. While I must admit that in thebeginning, it was challenging, I have learned to overcome thechallenge and apply my strengths to pursue my dreams in life.

Partof the dream is to achieve the highest level of academic performancewhile excelling in athletics and sports. Because of my commitmenttowards achieving my academic and sporting targets, I decided toembrace the challenges and learnt ways of turning them into themotivations that fire my desire to succeed. This zeal is exemplifiedin the work I am doing now as a Senior Sports Medicine Trainer in ahigh school on a volunteer basis. Because of my desire to thrive amidchallenges, I am able to volunteer thirty hours per week tocontribute to the sporting success at the school.

Inorder to succeed in studies, I learned how to overcome the challengesthrough proper management of time and academic courses. This isbecause I have learned to accept the condition and appreciate mydifference, despite how I would like to fully operate like the others(Quinn107). I always realize that theyouth has challenges in managing such differences because of thepressure from the society to expect more from them. In addition, I amable to manage the expectation of normalcy by dedicating myself togetting the expected results without focusing on the challenges or anexcuse.

Theexpectations of the society on performance and good grades has notchallenged me, but motivated my efforts to learn and understand howmy brain and body functions. Therefore, I am able to give theexpected result, which makes it look normal for those who do not knowme. While I have been able to understand and manage the condition, Iadmit that the people around me get challenged to understand. I amable to manage the situation by being conscious of my interactionsand mastering the common symptoms of the condition. I understand thatpeople affected by ADD are easily distracted and have reduced socialabilities in college, especially when sharing rooms (Sarkis23). Therefore, I am able to knowhow to respond to people and how to meet their expectations.

Havingunderstood the impact of the condition towards my future careers andpersonal life, I am keen to reduce the effects on my daily life. Oneof the elements of my future that I have passionately worked tofulfill is academic and professional path. Despite the challenges ofthe condition, I have committed myself towards studies and I intendto be more alert. I seek to be alert because I have learned andappreciated that the condition is characterized by a reduction insustained attention like hesitation, forgetfulness andprocrastination (Bryce14). This is the reason why Iapplied for the course and I am explaining all these details for youto understand my commitment.

Iseek to achieve my childhood passion of studying…..(Insertthe name of the course)……., and I amthrilled by the opportunity offered by your college. While it will besometimes challenging for me, I am sure that my commitment anddedication to studies will overcome the limitations of the condition.Because of my desire to achieve my best at all times, I am sure thatI will perform well in your college and will come out victorious.This is not just a promise I am making to you, but to the worldbecause I am seeking to inspire other people who face similarchallenges. I sincerely request you to consider my application. Thankyou.


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