Narcotic Anonymous Meeting Reflections


NarcoticAnonymous Meeting Reflections

AlthoughI had not made a decision whether to choose AA or NA group, I lastlychose to attend a NA group. The decision I made was based on theassumption that narcotics would be more engaging compared to alcohol.On numerous occasions, I have passed through the Penn North Clinicand I have always being curious to know why groups of individualswalk in and out of the Penn North Recovery Center, which has itslocation along the Pennsylvania Avenue. I took the advantage ofattending a meeting that was scheduled for 3.00 pm. Staff andparticipants had named this meeting “Soul Food”. Surprisingly,people attending the meeting were approximately 100-125 most of whowere African-Americans, while Caucasians constituted a smallpercentage.

Thestructure of the meeting constituted mostly of the speaker’sexperience. Clearly, the speaker narrated how she used to be, how shetriumphed over her experiences, and her current life. The speech ofthe speaker informed the audience about how drugs contributed tobringing her down and led to poor health, depression, and undesirablefeeling. In her speech, the speaker made a comparison of how she usedto be when she was using drugs and her life after leaving drugs. Sheindicated how people treat an individual, when he/she suffers fromaddiction and when sober people are friendlier the moment one issober. It was interesting to gather this information since it offeredinsight to the perceptions of the general public towards thepopulation and may act as a guide to judgmental approaches. Besides,it may result to the assumption that the general public may lackcompassion and understanding that may be detrimental or otherwisethat is, may act as a positive or negative reinforcement.Furthermore, the audience was in a position to expound, help andshare their opinions and feelings relating to themselves or thespeaker. It seemed as if all members were unified, capable ofgathering, giving and building one another.

Finally,the intuition that I have while reflecting on this meeting is thatrecovery constitutes an effort that an individual puts in it. Thatis, during recovery, it is critical for a person to surrenderunhealthy habits and items in order to gain the beneficial ones. Itcan be perceived as a challenge worth conquering.


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