Narrative Essay Nurture vs. Nature


NarrativeEssay Nurture vs. Nature

NarrativeEssay Nurture vs. Nature

Haveyou ever thought how you came to be the person that you are today, tohave the values that you do and like the things that you do? Did yousimply become predestined to being what you were as a result of beingborn where you were and of the parents that you were or is it amatter of the individuals with whom you interacted? Do not answerthat, it was a rhetorical question. Unfortunately, it is a questionthat we never really get to ask ourselves at any time as we arecaught in the hustle bustle of modern day life (Dowling,2007).For a long time, it has been widely held that the values and talentsthat individuals have are primarily a result of nurturing (Keating,2010). However, a recent episode in my life convinced me thatnature plays a more fundamental role.

Natureunderlines all the hereditary factors and genes that influence thecharacteristics of individuals right from their physical appearanceto their personalities. Nurture, on the other hand, underlines theentirety of environmental variables that have an impact on thepersonalities of individuals, including their surrounding culture,social relationships, childhood experiences and the manner in whichthey were raised. There has been contention on which of these playsmore role than the other in determining an individual’scapabilities and characteristics.

Itwas around the December holidays when we decided to go on a vacation.Usually, a vacation does not merely entail going to beaches or gamedrives but doing something that is bound to be adventurous. At thistime, as much as we decided to use a beach house, our main aim was toventure into the deep seas and simply savor the serenity that comeswith these awesome bodies of water. If only we knew what awaited us,not only would we have stayed at the beach house but rather we wouldhave stayed in the mainland far from the sea.

Theboat that we had was pretty much equipped to undertake such ventures.We had quite some foodstuffs and being three boys, we definitely didnot need much. We definitely were excited when the boat revved intoaction and did some 50 miles away from the mainland after which weslowed down. However, just when we were starting to savor theexperience and wish we had a bigger boat that could stock morefoodstuffs, tragedy struck. In the horizon, we saw some mysteriouslight that seemed to be stirring up some waves in the sea. As youngindividuals, our first thought was to go and investigate what it wasand possibly capture some pictures. Woe unto us! The boat could notseem to start. A close examination of all the basics revealed thatthe fuel was okay and sufficient to take us back to the shore andprobably for another trip. The battery was also pretty much in goodshape in which I could not see what would make the boat fail tostart. The storm was coming fast to where we were in which case wewere in grave danger. Unfortunately, not even our phones could reachthe coast guard so as to ask for rescue services. As three friendswho were well versed with computers, we thought we were pretty muchcapable of undertaking diagnostic services. Two of us were actuallycomputer science students in which case, programming and all thatpertains to it was our thing. Unfortunately, we could not seem to getit right. At this time, the Kelvin, who was less learned on thescience was calmly sitting back having a snack. When it becameapparent that we were not going to hack the diagnosis of the computerproblem and subsequently manage to get the thing working again, hesimply rose up and examined our laptops. His only fortress was thedesire to excel in the field and an uncanny risk-taking attitude. Notonly did he manage to troubleshoot but also eliminate all the errorsin the system just in time for us to move out of the way of therising storm. Surprisingly, he was not even in the computer sciencefield but the way in which he worked the system sent me on a soulsearching expedition where I asked whether I really was doing enoughcritical thinking. Nature allows an individual to have an intrinsicdrive to accomplish something even when he or she may notparticularly be in the field. It is clear that unless an individualis naturally predisposed towards a particular field, nurture wouldhave little effect on his or her capabilities in the future asdemonstrated by the variations in our capabilities.


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