Native American presentation

NativeAmerican presentation

Yourlevel of appreciation of the history and the unique modes ofunderstanding the world from the perspectives of these Americansubgroups within the American population

I was listening to a presentationfrom one Dr.Ruth Bichsel who isfrom a Native American community. I felt like she had been through alot telling from her voice and stories. She started with the historyof Native Americans, and how ChristopherColumbus did notdiscover America but instead stole land from the Native Americans,and got all the credit. She then spoke about how they got kicked outof their land and were forced to move to different places. They hadto fight in order to keep their families together and also save theirland. This made me feel sad about this whole issue. Her presentationmade me change my perspective on Native Americans and made me respectthem even more. American Natives were willing to share their landwith the Whites, who were forcing them out, but they instead gottreated badly, and they lost everything.

Yourviews upon the issues, obstacles, and struggles they face infunctioning within the dominant paradigm.

Throughout my research, I havecome to discover that many races are victimized unjustly, with thelevel of misunderstanding on Native American culture being far muchworse. I have witnessed situations where during High school andCollege games, mascots depict images and names of Native Americans.These images and names are not solely based on Actual Native AmericanHistory, so instead of honoring they ridicule the Culture of theseindividuals.

Cathy Murillo in her 2009 articlespeaks about how some Carpentaria community members defended mascotswith Native American themes while the rest of the individuals claimedthe images were racist stereotypes. These are some of the strugglesand obstacles that these Native Americans have to endure. People needto understand and respect the culture of this individuals because Ithink there is no one community’s culture that is special than theother. If we do not do so, Native American stereotypes will not stop,and discrimination will become an everyday affair.

Usingthese factors presented in class, how would you as a social serviceprovider begin to creatively address the concerns of thesesub-groups?

Identity and assimilation

Native Americans have been facingthe challenge of identity and assimilation for many years. They arealways faced with the challenge of whether to adopt a more modernapproach towards life or live traditionally in order to identify andkeep the legacy of their traditions. As a social service provider, Iwould encourage Native Americans to live modern life while stillpreserving their cultures and norms. Many of their descendants havealready adopted a modern approach towards life, and so it would bedifficult to try and assimilate them to their traditional life.

PreservingfamiliesAlmosttwo-thirds of Native Americans now live in the Cities. Preservingfamilies has, therefore, become an immense challenge. What this meansis that, there are no tribal support systems. I would advocate for aplatform where the Natives who still live the traditional life meetwith those who live in the Cities so that they can exchange ideas.Economicdevelopment

While those tribes that live nearbig cities go with the changing times, their peers that were put onreservations in the most remote areas of the country face thechallenge of Economic Development. As a social service provider, Iwould come up with a platform that encourages creativity andinnovativeness as new ideas would help to build brighter economicfeatures.