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Journalistsfacing biggest threats in recent times

Journalists working for various stations are facing numerouschallenging and deadly encounters in their daily duties. Recently,many nations are facing attacks and fights from terrorists andillegal gangs. It is the obligation of journalists to air the newsand report on the occurrences of such cases. Many journalists havebeen attacked by the terrorists groups and other illegal gangs whilecarrying out their daily duties. This has been so because theattackers want to conceal their identity thus preventing the securityfrom identifying them. According to the article, many journalists arefinding themselves in the middle of terror. Some government officialsalso threaten the lives of journalists who try to expose theirillegal activities like bribery and corruption. This has made manyjournalists to live a life of fear due to the threats that theyfacing after publicizing certain information. The journalists havebeen making demonstrations pleading with the government to protectthem from such threats. The committee that protects journalists inNew York have put in place measures to access the freedom of thepress all over the world. Several cases of journalists who have beenmurdered and imprisoned for publicizing certain information (TheNew York times upfront)

The most worrying thing about the upswing of threats facingthejournalists is that despite the alarming number of deaths facingthe journalists, the government in collaboration with the ministry ofcommunication is delaying in acting. To make the matters worse isthat the government officials who ought to fight for the rights ofthe journalists are the ones who are killing and imprisoning some ofthem. Journalists play a vital role in sensitizing the public on thehappenings and occurrences taking place in various places. They passuseful information to the public and therefore their rights and theirsecurity should be put in the forefront.

Online lendersoffer a faster lifeline for small businesses

Internet media is currently the most used social platform usednowadays. People are conducting a lot of businesses online withouthaving to set up a physical business in a certain place as it willlimit clients from various parts of the world from assessing theservices being offered.YanivLiron, who uses Fund box that lends moneyto owners of small business. He runs a web design business. Heachieves this by giving business owners cash loans against theiroutstanding invoices. Amazingly, the whole process takes only a fewminutes of mouse clicks and the deal is complete (Widmer,2013).

The most surprising thing is that despite the lack of physicalcontact with the parties involved, the lending business manages toloan out four-six figures, in terms of dollars to small businesses.Internet makes the world look like a small village. This is sobecause an individual can communicate with another individual who ismillions of miles away within seconds. Surprisingly, the onlinelenders have more merits as compared to those who lend moneyphysically. Clients who are seeking loans in order to run or ratherstart up small businesses prefer the online lending because theyoffer low interest rates. The procedures are also shorter than thephysical process of getting loans. The most troubling thing aboutonline lending of money is that loosing contact with the individualwho owes the company is more challenging as compared to physicalloans by banks. Poor internet connection can also interfere with thetransactions. The upswing of online account hackers and thieves posesthreats to those using online banking.


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