Self – reflection: Communication Class

Every class I have taken has been different. There are classes thathave focused on writing, others reading and presenting speeches amongother areas. Learning how to communicate is a procedure, which takestime, dedication and a lot of comprehension to come up with ideas andput them in writing. The communication class has been very helpful inimproving my knowledge and improving my communication skills. Mostimportantly, from my communication class I have learnt how to readand write speeches.

Speech reading and writing may seem easy and a straightforwardprocess. However, people fail to understand that when writing aspeech there are numerous issues to put into consideration. Forinstance, one ought to select a speech topic that can result in agood argument. The speech must meet the needs of the target audience.In addition, is ensuring that one writes the speech in a languagethat is straightforward. When reading a speech, the most importanttrait is to have confidence. Regardless of if, one is presenting thespeech in front of a class, or before a larger audience, confidenceis necessary. Nervousness can cause a person not to communicate well.Reading a speech also requires the reader to have proper expressionof words. As part of speech reading and writing, one learns how todeal with nervousness and in turn become a good communicator.

Prior to the communication class, I was nervous and it was notpossible for me to write or read speeches effectively. I wasespecially nervous in ensuring that the speech I write is able tocommunicate effectively. It is common for someone to feel nervouswhen taking a new class. This is because the new class involveslearning different principles. The mere thought that one would haveto apply the principles later results in even more nervousness. Priorto the communication class, I did not have knowledge on speeches. Ialways thought that writing a speech would be an easy process. I didnot consider the fact that one has to follow many principles andpresenting the speech would be a real test on my confidence.

The most important thing I have gained from the communication classis effective speech reading and writing. I like the class because ithas taught me on the many principles on how to go about in creatingspeeches. I can confidently say that I am no longer nervous whenpresenting speeches. I have learnt how to write a speech that focuseson the topic and one that uses proper grammar. This involves usingthe right and suitable words when writing. In addition, I have learnthow to use communication skills in presenting a speech to ensure thatpeople listen and understand what I am saying.

My speech reading and writing process before and after thecommunication class is different. I realize the importance ofmaintaining focus on what I am doing, which makes it possible toavoid feeling nervous. Generally, I feel I have actualized many of myaccomplishments by taking the communication class. Although the mostimportant principles have been on speeches, I will use the skillsacquired in different aspects. As I advance my studies. For instance,I will now be able to deal with any nervousness I may experience. Iam now eager to learn and acquire more skills in different aspects ofcommunication.