Nursing Practice


MovingData to Wisdom

Innursing practice, the lab result or blood pressure readings obtainedare raw and they need to be synthesized so that the nurse cantransform the data into information, and then using his knowledgejudge the data and use wisdom to care for the patient. The data isobtained from observation, client interactions, and test results.When this data is organized into a meaningful structure, it is callednursing information. Nursing knowledge is obtained from nursingrequirements like the rules, relationships, and the experience bywhich the data is transformed into information. The nurses aresupposed in use their knowledge to synthesize the information inorder to identify patterns, relationships and themes. Knowing the wayand the time to use the knowledge is the nursing wisdom. Nursingwisdom develops through translating ideas into actions it requiresknowledge, values, experience coupled within one’s own nursingpractice (Hebda&amp Czar, 2013).

Theinformation technology can help a nurse to explore and understand theinformation and cognitive foundations of the profession. Theinformation technology offers an ability to record electronically,integrate, and analyze data and information something that willassist a nurse to move quickly to synthesizing the nursing knowledgeand in developing the nursing wisdom. In my case, I use the NursingInformation System (NIS) in care settings to help in applying thenursing knowledge and wisdom in my everyday care. In this case, mydocumentation is timely, more complete, and accurate because it iscaptured at the point of origin. In most cases, during one-on-onewith the client. This is a very efficient technique compared to otherlike taking notes on hand. It is also important in boosting knowledgeand wisdom because the records are safely kept for reference (Hebda&amp Czar, 2013).

Inassessing the congestive heart failure of an elderly patient. TheNursing Information System was very helpful. In the care, variousaspects of assessment indicators were recorded in the computer. Forinstance, the color of nails, the ankle edema, pedal edema, andinspiratory edema. The data obtained was obtained for variousassessment trials with the patient. The data that was obtained forvarious trials was then analyzed, and the trend was observed andinferences made. The inferred data was the information. Theinterpretation and understanding of the data were informed by theknowledge that I had gained in the nursing practice. The action andprescription that to administer to the patient was based on thenursing wisdom. This includes prescription of medication andrecommending post-treatment activities like exercises and diet. Theoutcome was a well-informed care that resulted to a well prescribedtreatment plan that was informed and well thought out.

EssentialsSelf-Assessment Results

Thenine essentials of Baccalaureate shows the outcomes that are expectedof graduates of baccalaureate nursing programs. The outcomes areimportant in that they help the graduates practice within the complexhealthcare systems and take the roles of provider of care designingand management of care, and a member of a profession (AACN,2008).

Inthe first essential of liberal education for baccalaureate generalistnursing practice, I found that I had a solid base in liberaleducation to provide the cornerstone for the practice and educationof nurses. For the second essential of basic organizational andsystems leadership for quality care and patient safety. I found thatI had profound knowledge and skills in leadership, qualityimprovement, and patient safety necessary to provide high-qualityhealth care. On the next essential of scholarship for evidence-basedpractice, I found out that I was in a position to translate thecurrent evidence into practice in line with professional nursingpractice. In the essential of information management and applicationof patient care technology, I could confidently identify that I wasin a position to use knowledge and skills in information managementand care technology that was very important to deliver qualitypatient care. The next essential of healthcare policy, finance, andregulatory environment. I found that these were aspects thatnegatively affected the nature and functioning of the healthcaresystem. This was because I did not have access to finances andreferral structures to comply with policies constantly. In the otheressential of interpersonal communication and collaboration to improvepatient health outcomes. I found out that I was able to interactpositively with my patients to access very valuable data that helpedinform my knowledge. In clinical prevention and population health, Ifound out that I was lacking in efforts to promote health and diseaseprevention. In professionalism and professional values, I found thatI adhered to the values and expectations. Finally in baccalaureategeneral nursing practice, I was I a constant positive trend ofadhering to these practices (AACN,2008).

Ina complete self-assessment, I found out that I scored better in allareas other than accessing necessary resources to further the qualityof my profession. The promotion of health care activities I was alsolacking and I could attribute this to lack of resources. However,obtaining these resources and further experience in the professionwill help me acquire knowledge in areas am lacking.


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