Mostof the people listening to the speech were American and mostlyEnglish-speaking nations. Obama is using reconciliatory words here heis bringing out that he is addressing every single Americannotwithstanding the support. The goal for this speech is more ofbring and showing that everybody is a winner and not one party overthe other. The benefit for Mr Obama is to show that there are nodisagreements and for him choosing this talk cards was a smart moveas it also attracts the nonsupporters.


Todeliver this speech Obama brought the history and foundations of whatmakes America great this is important as it shows the unity andtogetherness of all people notwithstanding his rivals. If he spoke ina happy mood this would show that he is taking sides and this wouldonly interest his supports. It was important that he chose to remaincalm and show the gentle side of knowing though I am winner is alsorespectful to my opponents. Though he is gentle the tone of thespeech shows his authoritativeness and the command that he is stillin authority.

Theobjective of his speech is to show yes we won but are the presidentof everyone. Unity is important to hear in this speech. The speech isformal and it addresses important society issues and is more of aresponsibility talk than a friendly part. It requires a deep tone andjokes should be at a minimal.


Theaudience is of different ages but particular the young are many whowant to hear a lot of hope in their country.



Theneed to assert authoritativeness while addressing a crowd isimportant and your tone and body language should go hand inhand.Despite winning one is humble therefore not trying to bring downyour opponent but rather to extend your hand of friendship andreconciliatory. Especially if the leader is the one speaking heshould lead by example while addressing the people they share thesame school of thought.


Inthis speech the issue is not the problem but understanding what theywere fighting or aiming to achieve has been met and it is a journeythat requires patience and persistence from the leaders to thecitizens. It is more of a united call aimed at putting the pastbehind and forging together as a team. It should always reflecthonesty, transparency and also confidence that this right step andtogether they can achieve what they set to achieve.


Anyhuman being would like his/her life to be appreciated and that is whywe should all join hands to rescue that in need.


Thiswill reflect the mind of the audience that a lot lies with them andif they can cooperate then the goal of saving lives might beachieved. It is also to show how the role the audience played isimportant and critical for the delivery of services. This is alsodocumented when the speaker shows the audience in a good perspectivehow they have come so far and reminding them that they are still notwhere they ought to be as the journey is long and perseverance iskey.


Thisan acceptance speech the speaker speaks to address America as acountry and not only his supporters but also his rival about theimportance of his win.