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PatrickD. Sylvester, 27, of Texas died at home on 13thApril 2015. He was born on February 10, 1988. He was the son of thelate Arnold and Margret Sylvester. He was running a small enterprisein Texas while still schooling. He was pursuing a degree in music andfilm production. Determination and neck stiffening gave him theopportunity of pursuing his course of choice. His late father wantedhis son to pursue engineering like he did. Although his O-levelcredentials would have allowed him to pursue engineering he chosepursue a course contrary to his father’s will just to oppose him.

Itwas not long until he picked his father’s cash behind his back andinitiated a small enterprise which was dealing with kitchen/cookingparaphernalia. It is highly speculated that his actions contributedhis father’s death that died in the year 2011. This was after hehad joined university in the year 2010 and started the business thesame year. His father developed stress which eventually caused bloodpressure until he passed on. Patrick was however, care freeirrespective of the complications he made his father to pass through.He could confidently say that he cares not since everyone’s graphis plotted by God and hence his father’s health condition was meantto be the way it was.

Nothingwas more important to the deceased than eating and spending. He had arecord on spending in the entire Texas. He had the potential ofspending money earned in a month on a single day. He was veryquarrelsome and no one could manage to live with him. In his lifetimehe has met tens of girlfriends and no one dared to stick by him foreven a month. Neither men nor ladies who managed to live peacefullywith the diseased. He, however, had many friends when clubbing. Thiswas contributed by the fact that all these people would get a treatof the year from him. He cared not when it came to spending(Montgomery-Massingberd&amp Daily Telegraph, 1996).

Itseems all about him was unpleasant and disgrace to the society. Hewas baptized in Roman Catholic Church in Texas when he was 3 yearsold. He has been attending the church services occasionally. After along struggle with girlfriends who were not sticking by him, thediseased decided to marry a 62 years old woman by the name Salome inJanuary, 2015. Salome was not only a mother of three but agrandmother of two as well. It is hence right to say that thediseased was a husband, a father and a grandfather by the time of hisdeath. He was blessed indeed to see that he did not have to followthe stair case to become a father and grandfather (Bruce,2015)

Patrickwas predeceased by his father, Sylvester Washington who died in theyear 2011 and his elder brother who died at a tender age in the year1985. Surviving are his motherMargret Sylvester, his newly married wife Salome, his son, David C.,of Texas, his daughters Mary Salome and Lillian S. Patrick of Texashis granddaughter, Jenna (Chris) and grandson, Dustin Brinson ofTexas. As the holy Bible reads respect your father and mother so thatyou can live a long life, his death which has taken place when he issuch young could be as a result of his disrespectful acts. Friendsare invited to his Mass of Christian burial at 10 a.m. Saturday 18that Mary Immaculate Church (St. Mary’s site), 11095 St. Mary’sTexas.


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