Oracle Tuxedo (Transaction Processing System)



OracleTuxedo (Transaction Processing System)

OracleTuxedo is a framework that helps build distributed applicationsindependently. It act as a middleware that provides service betweenclient and serverapplication on system node in a network[CITATION Ora121 l 1033 ].This application was designed and then developed to provide scalableapplications to support multiple transection per second on adistributed system[ CITATION Sch15 l 1033 ].AT&ampT designed Tuxedo and then in year 2008, this application wasshift from AT&ampT to Oracle, and since then oracle has put thisapplication under development to cut the operational cost up to 80%[ CITATION Jac12 l 1033 ].

  1. History of Oracle and Tuxedo (Transaction Processing System)

Tuxedo(Transactionprocessing system)has been under development continuous for more than 20 years. Thisapplication’s history started with AT&ampT designing anddeveloping it in late 80’s in Bell Laboratory[ CITATION Ora121 l 1033 ].The main target ofthis application was UNIX based systems[CITATION Ora121 l 1033 ].In1989, AT&ampT shifted this application from Bell lab to the UNIXSystem laboratories, and at the same time this application wasoffered commercially[ CITATION Ora121 l 1033 ].In the year1993, this application shifted to Novell[CITATION Ora121 l 1033 ].Afterthree years with Novell, in 1996, this application was distributed onvariety of platforms[CITATION Ora121 l 1033 ].Havingconstant development and changes, this application came under OracleCorporation in year 2008, and now Tuxedo is owned by oracle[ CITATION Pet14 l 1033 ].

Oraclewas founded in the year 1977[ CITATION Por09 l 1033 ]. According to the recent report that was published in March 2015 inoracle’s website, states that their current total revenue isunchanged, which is $9.3 Billion[ CITATION Bon15 l 1033 ].Accordingto the statistics present in the website, oracles stays at the topnumbers of software industry in world.

Thereare a lot of questions to ask before buying transactionprocessing system.The very first thing that should be look at is the reputation ofcompany. The next question to ask is about the quality of software,and also if application can fill the need of organization. The thirdmost important question is the support alongside Application. In allthree departments, oracle tops its competition, and that is why,currently, it is at 2ndin software market in world.

  1. Oracle’s Customer support and Customer Reviews

“Myoracle support” is a platform for customers to get help fromoracle[CITATION Ora15 l 1033 ].There are someprocedure to follow for registration, and using their procedurementioned, customers can register on their website and get supportabout solutions and updates. According to their website, the platformis particularly for authorized customers[CITATION Ora151 l 1033 ].

InApril 2015, California’s grand county public, which supplieselectricity, converted their billing system to Oracle UtilitiesCustomer Care and Billing. They describe oracle as helpful, and ituses minimum resources[CITATION Tha15 l 1033 ]. Anothercustomer of oracle, which is Avista, stated that oracle strengthenedtheir user experience. They always wanted a system that can bechanged in future[CITATION Sam15 l 1033 ].

  1. How Oracle Tuxedo Works?

Thisapplication fits with the client/servermodel[ CITATION Ora121 l 1033 ].This application has set of steps that it follows. There aretwo end to the application, and in between there is a middleware,consider the example image below. This picture is of bankingapplication that explains Tuxedo services.

Fig:1 [ CITATION Ora121 l 1033 ]

Aboveimage has three portions, one is at the client side, in which clientputs the data in. Second portion is the server side, where data isprocessed. In between these two, there is middleware interactingbetween both client and the server.This middleware is utilize by both client and the server.Client sends the signal and serverresponses based on that query.

Inabove picture, client sends the signal of a particular service, andat the server’send, which is at the bank’s branch office, looks in to it and sendresponse. Consider if a client wants to look how much money he hasin his bank account, and to find that, he needs to send signal to theserver’send. And at the serverend, request is processed and required information is send back tothe client.

  1. Some of the Pros and Cons of Oracle Tuxedo

Whenan application is designed, it goes through considerable thought. Inthe end, there aren’t many cons as much as the Pros.


  • One of the advantage of using Oracle Tuxedo is the cost. As mentioned above that, oracle will be decreasing the cost and this application does the exact thing.

  • The second most important point that helps user to select this application over others is the accuracy and simplicity that it offers in rehosting.

  • It improves performance, reliability, scalability of the system and makes it even stronger.

  • In future, it can easily be extend and modernized

  • It allows access of multiple applications


  • The bad factor will be the programing, because only experienced programmers will be able to code the application properly.

  • Testing can be another issue because single thread applications are easier to test while multi-thread (Tuxedo) application cause difficulty in testing.

  • Debugging the error can be another con. It can cause problem in the end, and to find the main root of the problem is more difficult in multi-thread applications as compare to single thread applications.

  1. Recommendations

Theremay be a lot of points to look at. One of them will be to make thisapplication user friendly. Looking at the cons of this application,programmersmay have difficulty in coding the system. And even if the system iscoded, at the end there is a change that an error will occur, andprogrammersmay have to recheck the code completely to overcome it. Concurrencycan be another factor because it may bring many problems. Third mostimportant recommendation will be porting of code to anotherarchitecture. It may cause problem because of porting the code, soOracle needs to view their application.

  1. Oracle Tuxedo (Transaction processing system) Rating


Aboverating chart explains the personal view of the application in fourmajor sections. This application is scalable using the code, butcoding the application is one of the most difficult task, so thescalable section has only 60% rating. One the other hand reliabilityis high because once the coding has been done then system becomesmore reliable as compare to single thread systems, and because ofthis factor, reliability is 80%. Customer satisfaction is the scoreof people who are using the system. By looking at the applicationusage on some of the top customers, like Avista and California’sgrand county public, the customer satisfaction from this particularapplication id higher, and because of it the rating on customersatisfaction is higher. Fourth is administration, which has lowerrating because of the application coding mechanism. It requiresprofessional programmersto handle the system, and that can cause problem. If a programmerwrites the code then system will need same programmer to handlechanges in future because of complexity of the code.

  1. Conclusion

Oracle’scurrent earning is 7% higher in cloud section, and that provescompanies are moving towards it. This application is having a lot ofpopularity because of the stability that it provides, and at the sametime there are a lot of things that need development. One of them ishanding the system because Tuxedo is complex and less friendly onserver’send. But at the client’s end, this application gives a goodresponse and because of it companies are focusing on Tuxedo forbetter user experience.

Anapplication that has been constantly under development will surelyoffer better user experience. Tuxedo was under development for morethan 20 years, with this constant development this application hasreached at a pointed where it only needs few changes, and coding isamong the areas where oracle can focus their attention on.


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